Jeff Ritzmann – Calling Occupants

The last time Jeff Ritzmann was on the show, he briefly described how almost anyone could initiate their own paranormal (specifically UFO-related) encounter. I wanted him to get more specific, but we ran out of time. This time, he not only got into more detail, he spent much of the program warning those who might try to follow his guidelines that this exercise is not for the faint of heart, and more importantly, not for anyone who doesn’t want their lives completely upset, perhaps beyond repair.

This is because, in Jeff’s opinion and experience, the paranormal thrives in an atmosphere is liminality and chaos, and any serious explorer must meet it on it’s own territory. Jeff warned that anyone who wants to tread into this area must be prepared to lose their jobs, relationships with friends and loved ones, and perhaps their sanity. He was serious about this. Caveat emptor in the strongest terms!

We also talked about the recent Tom DeLonge announcement (which happened the day of our interview), paranoia and perception, and a strange symbol that appeared with no discernible source on a mirror in Jeff’s home, and what famed researcher of “alien writing,” the late Dr. Mario Pazzaglini had to say about it.

Image: Jeff’s amazing design for a Radio Misterioso t-shirt.


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8 Responses to Jeff Ritzmann – Calling Occupants

  1. Excellent show guys! Really enjoyed it and great food for thought. Thank you 🙂

  2. drew hempel says:

    Maybe not Otis T. Carr but Aetherius Society? I see Dancemonster has a lot on kundalini – this is what I did to finish my master’s degree in 2000. So yeah – I have also studied the science on this stuff and how it might be related to propulsion technology – like via de Broglie’s law of phase harmony. When Jeff posts on “binary opposition” what I discovered is that it’s actually “noncommutative phase.” So for example for males the left hand is yang, lower body is yin, right hand is yin and upper body yang. Just by knowing that secret you can turn the body into a macroquantum harmonic oscillator – “moving of yin and yang” exercise. There’s lots more to this.

    • Dias says:

      Is this the same Drew Hempel that wrong Alchemy Of Rainbow Heart Music? I’ve been trying to contact you, but haven’t been having much luck.

    • Tom DeLonge was on Joe Rogan last month pushing the same old Stargate Conspiracy E.T. lies via the Aviary. Tom DeLonge’s mentor is Hal Putoff, part of the CIA-Stargate propaganda. Maybe Greg should have on Mark Pilkington to see what he thinks of Tom DeLonge – Coasttocoastam had Peter Levenda on pushing this as well. Some former FBI investigator said they think it’s to promote weaponization of space via acceptance of the top secret military tech. I know the equilateral craft is real – no fuselage at all – so maybe that will go public.

  3. nines says:

    I just know there are a lot of extremely smart people interested in this stuff and a lot of extremely stupid people interested in this stuff. I know none of the charlatans making bank on the stupid ones are well-meaning. I’m pretty sure the charlatans making bank on the smart ones are also not very well-meaning.

    Hypocrites pointing fingers from both camps, it’s at the point where those of us who want to get at something more like actual, and also would like to at least impede the weaponization of space, are being relentlessly assaulted by charlatanism high and low.

    I know how much it hurts to have to realize this about people we like or love. I know firsthand. That’s why I value Greg’s approach so much.

  4. Dr. Adam Gorightly says:

    Dig that Ritzmann artwork for RM!

  5. I think it was very perceptive of Jeff to suggest the weird events you suffered during your “paranoia period” could have been generated by an agency other than “the government”. Maybe it was self-generated even! I’m reminded of that weird incident you suffered when a glass exploded in your hand, back when you were going through a very difficult moment in your personal life.

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