Richard Sarradet – Acting, Alchemy, and the Paranormal

As many of you may know, Rich and I have been friends for over 25 years. He recently went through a bout with cancer, and we thought a house visit while he recuperates was a good excuse for recording a show. What you may not know is that Rich was a working actor in Hollywood in the 1970s and ’80s, appearing on such shows as Lou Grant and as a recurring character on General Hospital. We talked about those experiences, and the mystical aspects of the acting profession.

I had just provided Richard with a copy of the seminal book Morning of the Magicians, and we segued into a short discussion of aspects of alchemy as they relate to the paranormal and UFOs, as suggested in the book. We also talked about the co-creation idea, and his model of how power and influence controls our perceptions. We also spent a long time recalling the work of the late abduction researcher Karla Turner and the strange goings-on around her rural Arkansas home when Richard visited in 1995. He also recalled a UFO sighting he had where a group of lights exhibited the classic “falling leaf” motion.

Note: There were a lot of strange noises picked up by the recorder during this session. This has never happened before. A group of owls made an appearance as well. Make of it what you will!

Best wishes to Richard for a speedy recovery.


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