Erica Lukes – Ufology: Egos, and Room For Improvement

Erica Lukes has had her own UFO experiences, been through the MUFON wringer as an official for the organization, and conducted original field research over many years, as well as hosting the UFO Classified interview program. On the day that the Tom DeLonge UFO venture announcement event took place, Erica and I talked about the implications of and concerns about the project, which is staffed almost exclusively by former intelligence personnel or those with close connections to the profession.

We then launched into a discussion of the most glaring problem in UFO study: giant egos. We agreed that the research and presentation of findings and sharing information should take precedence. We talked about the worth of a truly skeptical viewpoint and how a more inclusive attitude could very well provide a breakthrough. Perhaps the castoffs from the recent MUFON shakeup will surprise us in the near future.

Erica was in Los Angeles recently, and we recalled some of the locations we visited, including the world headquarters of the Aetherius Society. We also looked at the intersection between UFO study and other so-called “paranormal” pursuits. We ended with a list of Erica’s favorite books and researchers. We started and ended the show with strange music at Erica’s request.

Photo: Erica models the amazing “DO NOT ENGAGE” t-shirt.


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