James Clarkson – The End Of UFO Study as We Know It

This year during the Roswell festival, I was privileged to have dinner with James Clarkson and his wife Joanne. I found them charming and intelligent, and with a lot to say about the state of UFO research. Clarkson recently quit his post as Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Director for Washington. In this interview, we discussed what caused this break, and what might be done to reform the organization, if that is even possible at this point.

Clarkson believes that the board of directors is no longer dedicated to the “scientific study of UFOs of the benefit of mankind,” and has changed into primarily a moneymaking operation. He also recounted years of neglect of members who gave much time, effort and money to the cause, only to be ignored and unrecognized. Here is their 2015 tax filing referred to during the program. Clarkson also took the time to describe a completely crazy case that he was assigned to follow up due to bad filtering from headquarters, and a surreal visit to the JZ Knight/ Ramtha compound. Knight is part of the MUFON “Inner Circle” and may be its most generous supporter.

Clarkson also talked about his look to the future with a newer, smaller organization which he says will be based on the idea of “UFO investigation with integrity, discretion, and sensitivity.” We also took time to speak on his research into the amazing story of June Crain, who worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base during the Roswell incident.

Photo: Sitting next to Clarkson at the 2009 UFO Crash Retrieval Conference (lower center.)


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11 Responses to James Clarkson – The End Of UFO Study as We Know It

  1. NO NO NO NO NO NO! He’s misinformed saying that Corey Goode is the “number one advocate” for the Secret Space Program issue!! I like what Clarkson is saying so far but that reveals that he hasn’t looked at the SSP issue very closely , if at all. The major beef in the SSP world is that Goode and company are NOT the lead voices — they are usurpers.

  2. nines says:

    Seems to me the concepts of a secret space program and breakaway civilizations have been bubbling in this alternative space for decades and certain people may be serious about them and others pandering and/or purposely misleading with them, but I was griping about these terms not being unique to Jeroen’s conferences from the git.

    People would be confused, and entertainers would capitalize on it… and how much of it, for how long, could stick within the confines of real scholarship and not turn into repetition and boredom? But my main concern was all the circus acts using the terms already when the conferences began.

    I bring this up because it is both unseemly to gripe about the “real experts” being ripped off by charlatans, and helping to accomplish the opposition’s ends. Plus, the conferences immediately had to branch out into a heavier emphasis on space aliens to attract more people.

    What would be wrong with starting an association of people considered to be “serious researchers” of what might be the truth behind lots of official fictions?

    If I were going to do it, I might call it the Respice Sub Rosa Society… the Look Under the Rose Society… and invite in anyone I deemed an honest and diligent and serious researcher of what might be the truth behind a long list of official fictions. I don’t want to use the titillating terms — secret, covert, clandestine, hidden, etc. Sub rosa, under the rose, the reality behind/beneath the fascinating flower, the existence of unseen actuality… look there. Not holding oneself out as an expert or insisting on invoking scholarship and intellectual superiority, just people going about using their motive intention and discernment and real faculties to get under that rose and LOOK.

    The society could sponsor an annual conference called The UnCon — which would be a very pointed reference to we’re-not-bullshitting-you — and either just invite the public to come sit in on discussions between members, or have speakers with presentations, or a mixture of both. There are so many fields where humanity might even depend on solid alternative points of view!

    Medicine, physics, astrophysics, space programs, false flags, history, mythology, secret societies, economics, espionage, geo-engineering, para-psychogical phenomena, mystical schools, energy, AI, advanced antiquity, you-name-it….

    Wilcock and Goode and Cassidy and every Tom, Dick and Harry space commando and debunker and disinformer and circus act at least could not exploit the very terms serious people have used to showcase their hard work. The members of the society would not be limited to just the conviction that there is a secret space program, or that civilizations breakaway.

    The members could support each other and keep each other on track, and could set down a solid path for humanity to LOOK UNDER THE ROSE… a way to unchain people from having their herd instincts manipulated, from the credulity they don’t realize is lethal. A clean break from both establishments, mainstream and new age, WITHOUT using terms that both aren’t original and can be co-opted.

    I’d incorporate it as a nonprofit membership organization where the core members are distinguished from contributing members and no one member’s personal income or business income rules the roost. This, beside being a support umbrella, reserves legal rights to its members’ work product, while being for public educational purposes, and maybe even solvent enough to litigate against “usurpers”.

    There could even be a branch of it that becomes a real UFO reporting and investigation mechanism, where the people who have been wanting better work in this field could make it happen, maybe support it by issuing reports for sale periodically.

    Podcasts could get the word out, and become affiliates… just always with the priority being on serious people. Not stern prigs. Still people with humor and joy and friendly intent, just no bullshit people who want to un-con humanity.

  3. Here’s a little fun fact that most people aren’t aware of: Art Bell is J.Z. Knight’s brother.

  4. Paul Carr says:

    I don’t always listen all the way to the end of RM episodes, but I sure did this time. I don’t agree with 100% of what Clarkson said, but I think he was right to part ways with MUFON and I think his heart is in the right place, and he tells a good story or two.

    Since he’s friends with Peter Davenport, he should be able to get access to reports including witness contact info. Our small Eastern organization (although we are adding an FI on the West Coast as I speak), struggles to get any quality reports, and I am sure there are many groups like ours. MUFON so far is still the default reporting agency. How do we turn that around?

  5. Remus says:

    Much enjoyed the Clarkson interview. When level heads begin to question the scientific method, there is hope! Imagine what would happen if you figured out the U.F.O. mystery but could not prove it to the satisfaction of “science” due a flaw regarding the role of consciousness that is built into said “science”. Would you tell anyone? What if the answer was difficult to believe? Or worse, difficult to even think about?

  6. Phil From Louisiana says:

    Apropos nothing, I tried to look at the lost-and-archived-shows section yesterday and the links of the shows I tried to look at weren’t working.

  7. Yeah, this was a good episode…I wrote a bit about the Roswell Slide when that nonsense went down and Clarkson said I nailed it, which I’m not really saying to blown my own horn, but I was just surprised at the time because he was still a member of MUFON and for the most part MUFON across the board stayed pretty mum on the whole thing, particularly the Cali branch which continues to give Maussan a pass… Sounds like he left MUFON not long after….for a number of reasons, it appears.

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