Paul Kimball: The Other Side Of Truth

Despite Paul’s aversion to paranormal radio, he will appear on Radio Misterioso if sufficiently coaxed, or in this case, if he is promoting one of his projects. This time it’s his new book, The Other Side Of Truth, named after his long-running blog. I am in the middle of reading it in preparation for writing a foreword, and the book appears slated for release in the fall.

The text is an overview of Kimball’s experiences over the last few years, making films such as Best Evidence: The Top Ten UFO Cases and his TV series Ghost Cases, as well as his numerous opinions on the wide swath of issues surrounding the paranormal and it’s connections to human consciousness and the creative process. We talked about that issue at length on this show, as well as covering baseball, my revelation of the infamous “Falcon” of UFO disinfo fame, the ethics of boxing and UFC (and the death penalty), and how much I dislike the music of Billy Joel.

Unprompted by me, Paul also apologized multiple times for his comments about Budd Hopkins from a few months ago. As he said, “Maybe I’m getting older and wiser.” Maybe we all are.

The full title of Kimball’s upcoming book is The Other Side of Truth The Paranormal, The Art of the Imagination, & the Human Condition. You can learn more about what’s been going on with Paul at his new website. A great conversation with a very good friend, which I hope you enjoy.

Above: Paul (center) with Nick Redfern and the late Mac Tonnies.

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23 Responses to Paul Kimball: The Other Side Of Truth

  1. Sagacious says:

    Interesting interview. But I was startled by Paul’s dislike of MMA. The fighter do use gloves, cannot scratch or maim and sustain considerably less damage than boxers. Its essentially a combination of kickboxing and wrestling. As soon as a fighter is unable to “intelligently defend himself” the referee ends the fight. It takes considerable skill and does not approach gladiator type combat. It is a chivalrous sport with considerable decorum. I dispute his suggestion that it will eventually result in death or that the viewers would want to see that.

    Maybe Paul is thinking of the original version of MMA which was denounced as “human cockfighting”. Since then many rules and weight classes have been established, and the sport is overseen by the athletic commissions of the respective states.

    • I found many similar comments at Boing Boing in the thread related to this particular documentary:

      Fight Church (documentary)

      All I have to say is that fighting inside a cage doesn’t seem too chivalrous to me 😉

      PS: I’m looking forward to hearing more about Paul’s book. The idea that the UFO phenomenon might represent a sort of art-form communication is none of the most interesting things I’ve come across in this field in quite a while.

      I was also pleased to hear his apologies for the comments made during that other show, as well as the way he and James Fox settled their differences at Paul’s new website. Who knows, maybe in time he’ll end up as a decent human being! 😛

      • Sagacious says:

        The use of the cage is merely for dramatic effect. PRIDE was an MMA organization that used a ring.

        • But doesn’t that reinforce Paul’s argument? They decided to make the sport look more savage, and so they enclosed the combatants in a cage. What’s next?

          • Sagacious says:

            Its just theatrics. It LOOKS more savage, but its not more savage. There’s actually less physical damage to the combatants than boxing.

  2. misterloki says:

    Great show, and a prime example of how thinking about the paranormal provides an interesting lens for thinking about humanity.

  3. gheron says:

    Always good to hear from Paul, especially now he comes with added sirens. Hearing him talk about his previous Bud Hopkins comments was also heart warming.

    He is one of my favourite interviewees, but whenever I am listening to Paul, just as you guys discussed on the show, I always keep in mind that he is a lawyer. For “good” and “bad”. This helps keep my teeth grinding to a minimum:).

    I was also big fan of boxing back in the day of Marvellous Marvin, Alan Minter etc and would stay up late to watch the fights with my Dad. However, I am left totally cold, and wondering what next, by MMA.

    The art model of intelligent contact is a fascinating one and certainly seems as useful as most of the others to me. Maybe advanced civilisations have concluded that inta- stellar travel is impossible or pointless and that this is the best way to communicate with us. Maybe we are being contacted by entities that are technically “behind” us, but have developed or are developing other ways to communicate with us. These methods of communication could involve advanced artistic or spiritual practices. Maybe they are getting communication back from us, but we just don’t know we are doing it.

    Maybe their efforts to communicate with us aren’t working out as they expected and this is why it seems so weird to us. Maybe we are communicating with ourselves as a way to prompt us to move to our next stage of evolution and/or get off planet. We just don’t know and even if we knew we might not be able to understand.

    Finally Downeaster Alexa IS a fantastic song. Well this cover is anyway

    Love the show and never miss an interview.

    • Thanks so much for this, gheron

      Sorry Goyito, count me as a Billy Joel fan too 😛

    • Paul Kimball says:

      Just for the record, I was argumentative long before I went to law school. Might have had something to do with growing up with a dad who was a judge, and who encouraged nightly debate around the dinner table, just for the sake of sharpening rhetorical skills. 🙂

      Similarly, for the record, I think that all combat “sports” debase our culture, and are relics of a less-civilized and more barbaric era. But that’s just me.


    • Paul Kimball says:

      P.S. Glad you enjoyed the show! Greg is the best host out there!!

  4. misterloki says:

    Also, I hate to post twice, but for the record: The Smiths< The Ramones< The Jesus and Mary Chain< The Replacements

  5. Forg says:

    Re: Battlestar… did any of you guys hear the accapella version of McReady’s Watchtower interpretation that was doing the rounds a few months ago? Its actually quite haunting…

  6. Forg says:

    Oops, I meant ‘McCreary’ – an unforgivable mistake to make for a BSG fan!

    Concerning Reality TV, Nigel ‘Quatermass’ Kneale’s Year of the Sex Olympics was a BBC play from 1968 that was spookily prescient & covered the themes you guys were talking about in the chat…

    Full length video here:

    Once you get used to the hilarious 60s costumes there’s a fascinating story there.

  7. AJ Gulyas says:

    Finally got a chance to listen to the show. Thanks, Paul, for the kind comments about my Contactee project. Good to hear your softened position on your Budd Hopkins comments as well; we’re all growing all the time.

  8. Foo Fighter says:

    Couldn’t finish the audio. There’s something about PC’s manner or delivery that annoyed me. Not sure exactly what it was. Might be because to me PC comes across as believing his statements are well reasoned and insightful simply because HE said them. Anyway, that’s my half-assed opnion on an audio homage to half-assed opnions. 🙂

    • Bob Desnos says:

      This is a fairly good assessment. I couldn’t get through it either. I think Paul would do well to be a little humble with less bloviation. Believe me, I certainly appreciate that he’s sort of a hard nosed argumentative dude who believes that his bullshit detector is set on high.

      But I’m not sure where his high horse act stands along side of his actual work product. My girlfriend, who has no interest in these subjects whatsoever, wanted to see why I find the UFO subject so interesting, so I unwisely decided to blindly watch Paul’s film about the top 10 ufo events with her. I chose his film because of the way he’s sold himself as a no-bullshit, above the silliness type of guy within the UFO community — or does he stand apart, a man alone? Anyway, we didn’t finish the film. I was embarrassed for me and him. I just can’t buy what he’s saying. He’s like the dude who hangs out with the nerds so he can be the coolest motherfucker at the dungeons and dragons game.

      • Greg says:


        To me (and I am speaking as Paul’s friend of course) it seems like your problem is more with Paul personally than with his film. Maybe you can’t separate your aversion to him to look at the film more impartially. You are the only person I have ever heard to react to Best Evidence in this way.

        • Bob Desnos says:

          Hi Greg,

          I don’t think that was it at all, but I can understand and appreciate why you’d feel that way. In fact, as I said above I chose Paul’s film to show to my girlfriend because I liked the way he came off as a no nonsense dude. I guess the movie wasn’t bad in and of itself, it just came off as a little silly and cartoonish, which is fine, but a little odd given Paul’s cultivated “thing” as being the guy that stands above the all the silliness (you know, what, with his aversion to “paranormal radio” and all).

          Anyway, I don’t want to let it go unsaid that I TOTALLY, 100%, appreciated and agreed with Paul’s stance on MMA. I was really happy to hear someone say those things.

      • Foo Fighter says:

        I suspected I wasn’t completely alone. I posted out of surprise at my reaction than to knock “PK”.
        (Still embarassed I spouted off and typed PC instead of PK.)

  9. Bob Desnos says:

    I find it odd that there aren’t liberals in the united states. I guess Dennis kucinich, Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders, democracy now, Michael Moore, Pacifica Radio, the ACLU and others didn’t get the memo.

    • Bob Desnos says:

      PS – Michael Moore is being interviewed tonight on… prime time. I thought there weren’t any liberals in the US, folks. It must be that Michael Moore is a center-right bobblehead I guess….

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