Introducing the UFOLOGY TAROT!

A small group has been working for over a year to bring a project to light, and it has finally appeared this week as the Ufology Tarot. This stems from an idea I had a few years ago to encode notable Ufologists, witnesses, and cases in a system of tarot in order to honor, examine, and especially connect them with directly with the user/ reader on a level that a simple book alone cannot hope to accomplish.

Joined by my friends Miguel Romero, Joshua Cutchin, Susan Demeter, and David Metcalfe, we met periodically and strategized, debated, and sought out history and sources of information, archetypes, and concepts to make these cards a reality.

In this program, David, Josh, Miguel and I discuss the genesis of the project and the ideas behind it. The program was recorded barely 3 hours after we launched the Kickstarter campaign on October 31st.

Please help us bring the first 22 cards (also known as the major arcana) to life! The 56 minor cards, with more deep dives into the history of the UFO subject, will be available through a separate funding campaign after the first phase completes in about 1 year.

THANK YOU! We are excited to finally share this project with all of you.


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