Joshua Cutchin – A Trip To Fairyland

Joshua Cutchin has recently completed a manuscript with the working title Thieves In The Night: Paranormal Child Abduction From the Faerie Faith to the UFO Era, due for publication in the next few months. For some reason, we started with a discussion of the recent documentary on Jim Carrey and his portrayal of Andy Kaufman, and this led into reflections about how we find meaning in life.

Then we began a recounting of his personal experiences on his vacation/ tour of traditional Irish faerie sites and what it was like to actually visit these legendary places. Josh informed us why he didn’t wear bright colors and brought food offerings at many of the locations. He pointed out the parallel between the history of reports of encounters with “the good people” (as they are sometimes referred to in Ireland) and bigfoot sightings, as well as unsolved disappearances. We also examined the cross-cultural similarities of paranormal “small folk” around the world. Joshua said that some of the most recent and rich reports have been coming from Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

(Pencil portrait by show friend and listener “Rei Toei.”)


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