Adam Gorightly – Flying Saucer Contactees In Depth

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Gorightly and I are finishing up a detailed chronicle of UFO contact personalities and cults (entitled A Is For Adamski) which will be released in the next couple of months. It will be a comprehensive overview featuring many previously unpublished and little-seen photos and images. Since Gorightly was in town, we did a “pop-up” show (which are meant to be recorded and posted the same day.)

We started off discussing a little-known and fascinating artist named Paulina Peavy, who said she channeled an alien who helped her with her artwork (see above.) We played a few minutes of her January, 1958 appearance on the Long John Nebel radio show, where she went into a trance and channeled what she said were her spirit guides.

We also recalled the strange case of Karl Hunrath and Wilbur Wilkinson, who disappeared in 1953 after renting an aircraft from the Los Angeles area, after saying they were going to a remote location to meet up with space people. Gorightly then brought up a little-known character named Raymond Broshears, who was on the fringes of both UFO fandom and the JFK assassination, as well as a close associate of contactee Frank Stranges.

We ended with an examination of the 1965 John Reeves case, where the witness claimed that a robot came out of a flying saucer, took pictures of him, and left a paper with strange symbols on it, which was later quickly deciphered by government cryptographers to read: “Planet Mars- Are you coming home soon- We miss you very much- Why did you stay away too long.” The one-to-one relationship of the symbols to the English alphabet was a good clue that source of the message was a little closer to Earth than Reeves claimed.


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