Reframing the Debate Roundtable #1 – What Are We Reframing?

Susan Demeter-St.Clair, Miles Lewis, and Miguel “Red Pill Junkie” Romero joined me for the first in a series of discussions with the authors of this recently published book. For the first hour or so, we kicked around ideas and themes that are mentioned in the text. We agreed that none of us needed to be exactly in accord in order to move the subject forward, in fact the fact that many of the essays represent opposing views is exactly what should be happening.

Miguel asked an important question that showed how our point of view has changed throughout the history of the subject, and how we should be aware of shifting reference points when looking back at classic cases. Each of the guests discussed their essays in detail. Susan is studying the parapsychological aspects of UFO sightings and Miles advocates for a deep multidisciplinary approach, while Miguel essentially asks anyone involved in this subject to look at their own motivations as an opportunity for personal growth.


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