Robbie Graham – Reframing the Debate

On Saturday, May 27th, a new book entitled UFOs: Reframing the Debate was released. Fourteen writers (including myself) are featured therein, with essays on everything from UFO study as a religion, to the changing definitions and methods of scientific inquiry, to capitalism and flying saucers, to UFOs as a path to personal enlightenment, and of course the all-important witnesses and their testimonies. Many of the authors featured in it have been (or will be) guests on this show.

Robbie and I recorded this interview partially as our personal statement on the project. He rarely speaks publicly about the subject, but opened up on the reasons for his interest, and a little about his first book Silver Screen Saucers. Robbie also describes his initial enchantment with the standard “alien” explanation and how he began to move away from this restrictive view.

We delve in to each essay in the book and why it is important for readers to digest all of the offerings, and not just the ones they agree with, since the entries were chosen specifically to reflect as wide a variety of viewpoints as possible. Robbie’s tagline for the book is perfect: “It is a slap in the face of Ufology, delivered with love.”


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