Tim Binnall: Host To Host

Tim Binnall has become one of the leading lights in the paranormal radio podcast parade. He is known for his no-nonsense yet easygoing style and has interviewed such well-known UFO personalities as Jacques Vallee, Linda Howe and Stan Friedman.

Like many of us, his projects evolved out of a need to learn more from those we considered leading researchers and theorists. What better way than to ask them yourself? Binnall of America started as a fan site for Coast To Coast AM and quickly developed it’s own unique personality.

We began with a discussion on the sorry state of mainstream paranormal radio, and the twin disasters of the 2008 Bigfoot hoax and Sylvia Browne’s psychic prediction backtracking in 2006 which played out on Coast to Coast. I also mentioned my deep dislike of Sean Morton, and Tim called him and his ilk “Performance bullshit artists.”

We talked shop about interviews, problems with contemporary UFO study (a long segment), and then Tim launched into his negative assessment of Arizona Governor Fife Symington’s about face on the Phoenix Lights sightings of 1997. Paul Kimball suddenly called in to comment on Symington and entered into a debate with Tim as to whether the man was a “coward” or just an opportunist. Three callers later, we closed with a discussion about the nature of what exactly constitutes a “ufologist.”

This program was recorded on April 1st of 2007.

The photo above is from when Tim and Paul were visiting L.A. in 2008. (Tim is on the left and Paul is on the right. )

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