Skylaire Alfvegren: Fortean Journalist

Skylaire has been a friend for many years, we were even roommates for a few months. She has offered me no-holds-barred critiques of my writing, which improved it immensely. This is her second appearance on the program. Last time she was on, we played weird music for most of the show, the recording of which has mysteriously disappeared.

Skylaire’s writing has appeared in scores of publications, such as the L.A. Weekly, Hustler, and UFO, among others. She is also a main contributor to the Weird Nevada book from the “Weird U.S.” series.

She has also founded the League Of Western Fortean Intermediatists (LOWFI), which counts members in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. LOWFI maintains a network of writers and researchers who report on weird goings-on in the western U.S.

The show ranged over many subjects. We started off with a discussion of Marilyn Monroe’s gravesite and rumors that the space next to it is up for auction. We embarked on a almost stream-of-consciousness series of discussions including such disparate subjects as:

A recent performance of late comedian Andy Kaufman’s partner Bob Zmuda, and we continued about Kaufman and the nature of comedy.

Charles Fort’s original notes, which we were allowed to study a few years ago.

Tragic film stars of the silent era.

What it’s really like to live in L.A. as a born-and-bred native.

The dumbing-down of paranormal TV shows.

Writing about weird stuff.

The interview was more like a conversation and I think I interrupted her too many times, for which I hope she forgives me and returns someday!  We also played some wacky music which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The show was recorded on Dec. 6th of 2009.

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