Don Ecker – Out The Rabbit Hole And Back Down Again

Don Ecker is one of those people in the field that you don’t hear as much about these days. There is a reason for that. In 2007, Don retired from the field with a lengthy paper entitled 20 Years In The UFO Fog. He described his adventures and the wide variety of people he met in that time, from the insanely smart to the ridiculously idiotic. Like many in the field, he grew tired of the incredible noise and very faint signal that surrounds UFO study. During his tenure as Research Director for UFO Magazine, Don talked to everyone and slowly tried to make sense of the phenomenon. Like many others, Don found that the answers can be elusive.

Late last year, Don started posting comments on the Paracast community forum, and by late January of this year, had revived his interview program, now called Dark Matters Radio, which can be heard live from 10PM to midnight PST on Cyberstation USA.

He appeared on the our program on February 28th to talk about his newfound interest and reveal some of his little-known areas of study.

We spoke about the 1989 MUFON convention when Bill Moore revealed his association with government intelligence, Don’s days in law enforcement when he was asked to investigate a unexplained animal death on a cattle ranch and his own UFO sighting. Richard Sarradet, one of my oldest friends and sometime co-host on Dark Matters, called in to talk about our strange interaction with a man from Naval Intelligence in the mid-1990s. Don also discusses his interest in lunar anomalies, like suppressed photos of apparent structures on the moon’s surface found in NASA archives.

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