Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner – Paranormal Bigfoot

Josh Cutchin and Tim Renner have just released a book that is designed (and sure) to goose the Bigfoot research community out of its “flesh-and-blood-hypothesis” stupor (the theory that the creature is an undiscovered primate.)

In Where the Footprints End, they have gathered case after documented case of paranormal events associated with Bigfoot sightings, beginning with a dramatic incident  from 1973 where the creatures (TWO of them) were observed in close proximity to a large, lighted object that left a glowing circle on the ground and apparently gave one witness a vision of the end of the world.

We spoke on this case and many others where the idea of the phenomenon as simply an elusive animal is called into serious question. Based on their research, Renner and Cutchin believe parallels with hauntings and poltergeists are inescapable, as well as connections to the world of the dead. We also discussed the strange explanations given for cases of Bigfoot tracks that apparently stop suddenly in mid-stride (hence the name of the book.) Fascinating conversation that is sure to make you excited, upset, or both.

The end theme is by Tim Renner’s band Stone Breath.


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  1. Jonathan Neuhaus says:

    I like their latest book. As usual stuffed full of detail because Cutchin wouldn’t do it any other way. But what I am missing is your interview of same. It’s been a long time since you rock and rolled Greg. Binall is out of the game now too. I’m sorry but the rest are either pretentious, unfocused, or ludicrous. Come back to your public, Mr. B. It’s a wasteland out here without your shows.

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