Kevin Day – Nimitz UFOs and Beyond

Kevin Day has been interviewed and scrutinized endlessly by the UFO community. He was the Aerial Defense Matter expert and radar operator on the guided missile cruiser Princeton in early November of 2004, when the so-called “Nimitz UFO encounters” occurred. He has also served as Air Intercept Controller Supervisor (AICS/TOPGUN), Anti-Air Warfare Coordinator (AAWC) and Operations Department Leading Chief Petty Officer. In this interview, Day first describes the events of that day, and how they affected those involved. As a radar and detection expert, his opinion is that “the Navy tech allowed us to see something that had been there for a long long time.” He describes his impressions and feelings during the main incident and more importantly, how they have affected his life and outlook in the years following his retirement from the Navy.

Day says that unnamed officials later visited him on his property and declared that he was “incredibly important in what’s about to happen,” implying some sort of scenario where UFOs and whatever operates them would become more well-known and accepted. Day makes no comment as to what these might be. He also reports some possible psychic effects from the incident.

We ended with an extended discussion of his UAP Expedition project, where Day and others such as physicist Kevin Knuth, entrepreneur Deep Prasad, and MIT scientist Rizwan Virk will attempt to attract and record any UFO activity they are able to capture in the area of the original sightings. We had a lot of tech problems for the first 1/3rd of the interview. I have inserted tones inserted at these points in the recording. Thanks to Dave Altman for arranging this interview.


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  1. Rob says:

    Hi Greg & Kevin,

    Not sure if you’ve seen, but Commander Fravor did an interview a while back on the Fighter Pilot podcast. The presenter is also a US Navy pilot and is fascinating hear these two dudes basically talking shop – and weirdness.

    Speculation time – Kevin mentioned the anomalous craft dropped over 20,000 feet in under a second. This is pretty close to escape velocity and with no sonic boom or vapor cone appears to be impossible with any sort of jet/rocket engine. So if hypothetically we are talking about a physical device (and not something like a controlled plasma) and the device is manipulating gravity fields – as Cmdr Fravor alludes to in his interview – then would it not be possible to detect these things using satellites that analyze gravitational waves? Something like an array of sensors similar to Nasa’s GRACE satellites, albeit more sensitive? Plus such a satellite array would have legitimate military uses – detecting building of underground facilities for nuclear weapons tests etc. – so the politicians needn’t be told about its other purposes.

    High gravity fields also have effects on electromagnetic emissions – distorting light, messing up radio signals. Could be a project for physics boffins to simulate exactly how a large gravity field in a small space would behave – for example how would electromagnetic waves reflect off a box of neutron star material? Does radar reflect back or bend around the material? Would white light bend slightly or be broken into its component colours?

    Concerning the videos, would the other sensor data have been archived and is there any chance of this being released? Realize this may be unlikely as the Navy wouldn’t want to give away operational details of their ships/planes technical capabilities but ‘edited’ sensor data might help answer a lot of questions.

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