Nick Redfern – The Slenderman Mysteries

Longtime friend Nick Redfern joined me to talk about his new volume, The Slenderman Mysteries: An Internet Urban Legend Comes to Life. We caught up a bit on recent news and then dove in. The “Slenderman” was the result of a 2009 internet contest to come up with the most frightening character imaginable. The idea escaped from the forum where it was born and took on a life of its own, eventually appearing in fan fiction, photo manipulations, artwork, and even a web series. Children and teens were especially taken with the image and began to believe the entity actually existed. This culminated in an infamous case where two girls attempted to murder one of their playmates in a bid to become minions of the Slenderman.

In the course of research for the book, Nick discovered that things resembling the entity had actually been reported in the area before it was even created. He cited a psychic who, when trying to solve an old murder case, described a tall thin man in a suit carrying a dead child, as well as a group of hunters who reported a sighting of something similar years before the meme took hold. We also discussed the possibility and history of manifested thoughtforms and tulpas, and how the legend may have literally come to life.

In the last 30 minutes, we discussed possible new directions for UFO study and conference presentations that would include many different viewpoints.


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  1. Peter says:

    I’ve not quite finished listening yet, but another point in time at which an extremely large number of people were obsessively following a very specific subject was the focus on Hillary Clinton’s health in the 2016 campaign, leading up to her collapse at a September 11 commemoration, which was followed by a pneumonia diagnosis.

  2. Nick and Greg – Lee Fang just got the IF Stone award for his excellent reporting and he exposed how the “X-box generation” is buying guns along with Vampire and Zombie practice targets – at shooting ranges. And so the gun industry is marketing towards this Slenderman insanity instead of “hunters.” But I exposed recently how this goes back to Philolaus and Plato and Archytas. What Philolaus did was flip his Lyre around and so lied about the Lyre – thereby turning infinite time-frequency energy as noncommutative phase (the secret truth of reality as Alain Connes, Fields Medal math professor points out) into irrational magnitude symmetric math. The trick works like this. We are taught Octave = Perfect Fifth plus Perfect Fourth but that assumes that 9/4 is not 3/2 doubled or multiplied by 2 but rather 3/2 squared. So that the Perfect Fifth – the Perfect Fourth = 9/8 as the major 2nd music tone. You Punk Rock musicians (like I was) of course know the 1-4-5 music chords that defines PUNK. But we all got PUNKED by Plato promoting the lies of ARchytas and Philolaus. So what Philolaus had to do was flip his Lyre around – I go into the details on my blog – but that is how “zero” was created, it assumes geometric magnitude or defining infinity as a negative materialistic idealism. It literally creates hell on Earth – if you understand alchemy like I do and math professor Abraham Seidenberg promoted this as the Separation of Heaven and Earth as mass ritual sacrifice geometry.

  3. Shon Howell says:

    Not bad; it’s the Reader’s Digest version, but Nick hit all the high points fairly well. To truly get a handle on this, you’d really need an intimate understanding of 4chan in those days.

    On a related note Greg, do a little research into the SPC Foundation, I think you’ll find it quite entertaining…,

  4. Katy V says:

    This is interesting. The all time favorite horror character slenderman.

  5. muadib says:

    Gotta thank Nick for introducing me to Frank Black’s “Men in Black,” fantastic fucking song! Thank you Nick.

  6. Jonathan Neuhaus says:

    Greg and Nick:
    I wish you gents would talk monthly! Great fun hearing two smart friends riff off each other , push the envelope, laugh and cluck and quack. Every other podcast is boring by comparison.

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