Richard Sarradet – Acting, Alchemy, and the Paranormal

As many of you may know, Rich and I have been friends for over 25 years. He recently went through a bout with cancer, and we thought a house visit while he recuperates was a good excuse for recording a show. What you may not know is that Rich was a working actor in Hollywood in the 1970s and ’80s, appearing on such shows as Lou Grant and as a recurring character on General Hospital. We talked about those experiences, and the mystical aspects of the acting profession.

I had just provided Richard with a copy of the seminal book Morning of the Magicians, and we segued into a short discussion of aspects of alchemy as they relate to the paranormal and UFOs, as suggested in the book. We also talked about the co-creation idea, and his model of how power and influence controls our perceptions. We also spent a long time recalling the work of the late abduction researcher Karla Turner and the strange goings-on around her rural Arkansas home when Richard visited in 1995. He also recalled a UFO sighting he had where a group of lights exhibited the classic “falling leaf” motion.

Note: There were a lot of strange noises picked up by the recorder during this session. This has never happened before. A group of owls made an appearance as well. Make of it what you will!

Best wishes to Richard for a speedy recovery.


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18 Responses to Richard Sarradet – Acting, Alchemy, and the Paranormal

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  2. Richard Sarradet says:

    thanks for the info, I will pursue it, yin/yang!

  3. I am a seeking weird one too! Love the show, lots of great food for thought, and I found I wanted to jump into the conversation. All the best for your health Richard <3

  4. Sam says:

    I’m very disappointed that you wouldn’t post my comment Mr. Bishop. Your podcast has been a part of my life for nearly ten years. When I’d hide from the world because I was incredibly disenfranchised with everything around me. You guys gave me some comfort. I guess its that wuss in me.

    I can safely say that the cliche of reaching out and trying to communicate with the people you look up to is very true. In my case it has been so far anyway. Your not the first.

    But anyway. All I wanted to do was wish Richard well. Listening to him has always sent me down positive routes and hearing what he’s been going through. I was shocked and wanted to send him maybe even a little of what he’s given me.

    • Greg says:

      Which comment did I not post? As far as I know, this is the first I’ve seen of anything from you. If not, I apologize.

      Richard can read your comments here.

      • Sam says:

        Ah jaysus, as we say here in Ireland. I apologise. I was sick in bed at the time and posted it on my phone. I thought you might not have posted it because I might have used some young hip wuss language(joke. I’m not going to let you away with that one) or you thought I was spam or something. keep doing what you do guys! You’ve been an inspiration to me for years! Your people after my own heart as we say. PEACE!

  5. z says:

    who is that polish guy? name? sound is not good enough.

  6. Ricky Poole says:

    Rich has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for so many people over the years, myself included. Hands down, one of the coolest guys I know. We’re all rooting for you Rich!

  7. I feel a bit embarrassed by the accolades received from Richard during this interview. All I did was write a post about one of my favorite books (Morning of the Magicians) on Mysterious Universe, simply because I feel more people should pay attention to what Pauwels and Bergier were proposing so many years ago.

    That said, I enjoyed this episode immensely. That anecdote Richard mentioned during that staging in which he played the role of Apollo reminded me of some of the things John Alexander mentions in his latest book, as well as what some athletes report when they enter this state of mind they call “the flow.”

    Cheers, Richard. Here’s hoping for your speedy recovery, and that Apollo and the rest of the pantheon will grant us the chance to meet each other in person next year 🙂

  8. Kristen ( Cinderella In To The Woods) says:

    Hey just ran across your post! I love the blog!!! I am an old student of Richards acting class. I have an art show coming up and while working and going over my life experiences I was telling my husband about how much of a positive influence Richard was to me growing up! I am sending lots of positive energy, love and laughs to you Richard! I hope you have a speedy recovery as well! You are an amazing person and I will forever be grateful to you! If there is any chance I can send you some art and you can attend let me know! You were one of the few teachers I’ve had that actually taught me about life and the arts!You made my time in school much better! Thank You a trillion!!!!

  9. Peter says:

    Thank you for this episode. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of you recording outdoors, particularly during the driving talk. It reminded me of the episode recorded at Griffith Observatory a little, which was probably my favourite of all (I should have said at the time). I liked the feeling of being there, including the sounds of the crowds.

  10. Alex Marriott says:

    I’m certain Greg appreciates his good fortune, to have collected such interesting friends, acquaintances and to have met some of humanities rarest gems like Richard here. Thanks for publishing such an interesting conversation — expertly guided along a natural course without once straying into the mundane. Greg Bishop brain mining company — extracts only the best knowledge nuggets, precious idea stones from the richest of soils; and gives this treasure away to us greedy punters

    • Greg says:

      Thank you, Alex. I always try to keep the conversation interesting, at least for me. It’s easy with people like Richard.

  11. Alex Marriott says:

    That owl going nuts, very Strieber-ian, very suspect indeed. I hope they didn’t experience any missing time. I think a hypnotherapist is in order just to be sure. Preferably one with experiencer experience, who can break through implanted memories — no doubt bookended by that shifty sounding owl — and hunt down any little grey bastards

  12. T.gordon Baird says:

    The story of Karla’s husband going to the underground base and the saloon like tables of zoned out people is very similar to a Star Trek the next generation episode about William riker going crazy while performing a play about paranoia, delusion, in a mental hospital as well as espionage and mind control. I’ve always felt that episode was highly cerebral and stood out. Still does. That owl was the other guest! Thanks Greg and Richard a wonderful show….

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