BOA – Radio Misterioso Simulcast: Weird 2016 In Review

Old buddy Tim Binnall of Binnall Of America called and suggested we continue the growing tradition of our year-in-review shows. “Great idea!” I said. Among other subjects, we covered UFOs in the election and how the subject may be in a fallow period entering into the next administration (but due for a possible renaissance from within) the Creepy Clown Panic of the summer, and all the celebrities that seemed to have left us this past year. There was also some discussion about the Chilean UFO video story that had just broken the week before. That and a whole lot more. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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5 Responses to BOA – Radio Misterioso Simulcast: Weird 2016 In Review

  1. Phil From Louisiana. says:

    I’m sorry to hear Tim’s sick again. I was really sick over Christmas and New Years.

    Regarding Clinton and Podesta: they’ve both been more or less high ranking members (whether with or without title) in two previous administrations: the Clinton eight-year administration and the Obama one. I can’t read the bit about the UFO information without imagining Lucy Van Pelt saying “Vote for me, Charlie Brown, this time I’ll reveal the UFO information and let you kick the football.”

    Re: the computer simulation thing… “It’s just a model.” Like Camelot?

    • Greg says:


      Seems the “kick the football” idea might apply to American politics as a whole!

      And I like the MPATHG reference!


      • Phil From Louisiana. says:

        Well, now you know what the real End of the Simulation looks like. Lots of Bobbies and police wagons hauling everyone away.

  2. Corvinus says:

    Nice discussion, guys. I’m glad you kept the politics to a minimum. In terms of predictions I think interest in space is on an upswing and will continue. Maybe we might get some more interesting news about Mars this year…

    The only other thing is that Tim needs an intervention in regards to usage of the phrase “in a sense.” Tim, I’m going to start taking a shot every time you use that phrase in a podcast. I should be out like a baby within 20 minutes. Ahhhh, I’m just busting your chops – just think of it as coming from the one friend that actually tells you when you have something hanging out of your nose.

    I don’t think you guys got to talk about Paramania this time around…hopefully more info will be forthcoming?

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