Red Pill Junkie – Paranormal Overlap, UFO Study, and a Film Called “Arrival”

Ever since Josh Cutchin hipped me to the imminent arrival of Arrival, I’ve been waiting eagerly to see it. Radio Misterioso friend Red Pill Junkie and I had seen it within a few days of this show, so all the ideas were still fresh. We began with by looking at how anomalies and UFO research are changing for the better in many ways. The barriers between bigfoot researchers, cyrytozoologists, and those interested in psychic phenomena seem to be falling, even in the mainstream groups. We discussed the value of smaller groups and the need to work with people you may not agree with, but trust implicitly.

The themes in Arrival provide many helpful suggestions for UFO study. It points up how language creates our perceptions of time and reality, and how we are prisoners of our assumptions. We also discussed how an awareness of alternate perspectives may ultimately save us from ourselves. We ended with the concept that an idea has to be alive in people’s minds and evolve to continue to be useful.

The show is one long spoiler, so don’t listen if you haven’t seen the movie yet. As of this posting, the film has fallen out of wide release.

Photo: Me and RPJ find the UMMO symbol is universal.

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3 Responses to Red Pill Junkie – Paranormal Overlap, UFO Study, and a Film Called “Arrival”

  1. Robert Oliver says:

    Great show guys.

  2. John Randall says:

    Great conversation Greg and RPJ. Still haven’t seen Arrival yet , but enjoyed the review. In regards to langauge, my grandson is in a bilingual school where they speak nothing but Spanish in class. He’s in the first grade and at the moment struggling, but we hope it will start to click with him soon. Don’t know if either of you had seen the doc. On PBS called the ” The secret life of the Brain” in regards to learning and having to relearn langauge due to injury to the brain. They discussed a journey of a young boy suffering from seizures and literally had His left hemisphere removed and has able to relearn langauge and speech. Just find it amazing the malleability of the brain ,given enough time to talk on seeming impossible tasks, but also to rethink what part of the brain actually controls what especially consciousness ( if it is even part of the brain, the running debate)is. As a side note, I like the “it’s Greg” opening best( though I love em all) because: 1)not many cowboys are name Greg in westerns 2) the guy who says” take it easy you galoots ” sounds like John Ratzenburger as ” Cliff Clavin” from Cheers! Thanks.

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