Quick and Ray – A Psychic Influencing Experiment

heat-hitA few months ago, longtime listeners Stephanie Quick and Steve Ray told me that they had been experimenting on me. They heard me complain about a lack of first person paranormal experience amongst researchers, or specifically, myself. To that end, they devised a psychic influencing experiment to see if they could affect the content of the shows by concentrating on a theme. For instance, On a show recorded on January 18, 2015, the focus chosen was “heat,” and a car fire erupted right next to my car parked on the street below the studio. This was the most spectacular example, there were other more modest “hits” throughout the months-long experimental period. The last third of the show was taken up with discussions of Zen temples and the power of a positive mindset.

Excel files and images documenting the experiment can be downloaded here.

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  1. Laurence Zankowski says:

    Well Greg,

    Been a long time since i posted here, but this last post has me wondering about unusual events or things.

    How about this, the metro news site in the UK posted a story, front page with Ingo Swann, and his UFO / alien encounters, on the 21st of November 2016. The story read as if this was a brand new development, and to the unknowing reader, as if Ingo was still alive. I even sent a link to this article to one of the originals of remote viewing, With this question, why now, what reason could this matter,

    I will just keep my awareness level wide open for time being.

    • Greg says:

      Nice to see you here again.
      Could Swann be a ghost in the machine? Did you get an answer back yet?

      • Laurence L. Zankowski says:

        Not yet, but have to say, this was just weird. And the the new mishlove youtube videos. The world seems so topsy turvy at the moment


  2. Duffy says:

    Hey Greg,
    the strangest thing just happened when I went to listen to this new episode. I’m a relatively new listener and have been burning through older episodes back to back for the last few weeks, often several a day. I know you had mentioned/discussed this experiment on the show at some point in the last while, I can’t remember if you actually talked to Steve and Stephanie, but this episode is new, right? Right???
    I was excited to see a new Radio Misterioso episode today, but the moment I started listening my first thought was “Oh, he just re-uploaded an old episode…”. Every word you said from the pre-show banter about which intro to use, everything your guests said, the phone in sound of their voices etc. was familiar. So much so that I “knew” Steve would choose the “classic” intro because he was a “purist”. I stopped the podcast and went back trying to find the episode where I’d heard this EXACT exchange, but of course I couldn’t find it. I know that this is just a case of Déjà Vu, but it didn’t have the usual “feel” I associate with deja vu. I just assumed I’d already listened to this interview recently (within the last 2 weeks), because I knew what you all were going to say. Of course, when I went back and started listening again I started to feel very confused when it became clear I’d never heard this before. Again, I’m sure it’s just a particularly strong déjà vu episode, but it TRIPPED me out! Things went fractal for a minute haha!
    Anyway, I just had to mention it, thought it seemed appropriate to the subject, very weird…
    Love the show!
    Duffy from Canada

  3. Duffy says:

    I loved when you guys were talking about losing ego because it just adds noise, the moment you said the word “noise” your phone went DING! It was like the universe saying “Correct!” with an almost classic game show sound effect. Very appropriate to your conversation and funny.

  4. Steve Ray says:

    The filename that started with “~$” was a temp file made by Excel to store interim changes.

    It was not the file you were looking for, and Greg has deleted it.

  5. Phil From Louisiana. says:

    Hopefully noone will have to write an OSHA-compliant incident report starting with “Trying to alter the universe with our minds, we meditated upon ‘heat’…” and continuing with “…when impacted, the car burst into flames…”

    What’s worse, since the phenomenon doesn’t seem to respect geographic or geometric boundaries it basically means we’re going to have to put up fire extinguishers _everywhere_.

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