Ufology Roundtable – An Oblique Kick In The UFO Butt

mario-deeJoining me for this RM popup show were Michael Hughes, Seriah Azkath, and Josh Cutchin. We all agree that UFO study can be changed and improved by some sort of personal involvement with the subject and whatever causes it. More people working along these lines would be a good thing and the time appears to be ripe. Subjects discussed included: ritual magick, chaos magick, DMT, Whitley Strieber, tulpas and whether people can handle what might happen if the abyss or anything living there stares back (or worse.) It was a lively and fast-paced talk. Michael brought up a forward thinking researcher I hadn’t heard about in years and who was making these connections 20 years ago: a guy who called himself “Brother Blue.” We called for people to get personally involved with the phenomenon in whatever way they can and then, and most importantly, get back to us and others with their reports and findings. Go!

Illustration by RPJ from It Defies Language!

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12 Responses to Ufology Roundtable – An Oblique Kick In The UFO Butt

  1. Ezequiel says:

    More episodes like this please!!!
    I could listen 4 hours non stop easily 🙂

  2. Chris Anderson says:

    I am eager to listen to this, but first I have to say I am PSYCHED that someone dropped ‘BB’ aka Brother Blue. I have been reading his editorial comments and asides on bibliotecapleyades for years now and have always wondered who the hell this guy is. To me he is the hardcore real deal when it comes to esoteric/magickal/occult interpretation of this ufology business.

    And I haven’t been on your site for a while Greg but I wanted to drop a link to a photo that deeply chilled me. Could think of no better place to share it, and the sort of people who might appreciate my reaction. My wife sent it to me about China tending to Panda Bears (‘http://aphotoeditor.com/2016/10/11/the-daily-edit-national-georgraphic-ami-vitale/’). The third photo: ‘Is a panda cub fooled by a panda suit? That’s the hope at Wolong’s Hetaoping center, where captive-bred bears training for life in the wild are kept relatively sheltered from human contact, even during a rare hands-on checkup.’

    • Greg says:

      I forgot BB’s real name, but he affected me deeply for the couple of years that we talked.

      The panda photos are more strange than chilling to me, but I suppose they serve some appropriate purpose of enculturation.

      • Chris Anderson says:

        We are the pandas.

        Imagine these pandas: minding their own business in their ‘realm,’ when every so often these bizarre entities intrude from ‘outside.’ By sight and smell they try to pass off as one of their own but are so horribly off and creepily malformed that they are fooling no one, despite what they imagine. They descend upon the pandas, snatch up a couple, do frightening things to them, and dump them back.

        Like what Tonnies said: if we’re property, maybe we’re valuable property. Photo four is panda abduction. The Gardeners tending to their Garden…

        A somewhat related anecdote: I was on a road trip last year driving past all these hills with goats and having far too much fun slowing down the car beside the nearer ones and leaning out the window to BAAAAA! at them. They would freak. I would hit the gas cackling, my wife looking at me as if I had mental problems. Until I did it one time too many and grew very quiet with the thought – how many ufo encounters are exactly that? A ‘higher’ lifeform with a stupid sense of humor, getting kicks out of scaring the simple humans blandly munching on grass, oblivious to the giant mechanisms zooming past them far beyond their comprehension and probably perception…

        About Brother Blue – why am I not surprised you knew him? I’d love to hear what you guys talked about, what his general views were as I’ve only seen bits and pieces. I am repeatedly astounded at how wide your reach in this field has been… For instance, this quote of Pazzaglini’s has always sort of haunted me, his mention of something Strieber said: ‘It’s some sort of a war between magicians.’ Only much later did I realize it was from YOUR interview with him! (And I realize he denied saying this, but that’s not the first time he’s made such denials.)

        Btw – was jealous hearing you mention your copy of Grant’s ‘Magical Revival.’ Those don’t come cheap! As well as Conjuring Up Philip. You must have a hell of a library.

        Great round table. Do more of these! I agree something good will come of this cheerleading for non ETH. It is vitally needed.

  3. Phil From Louisiana. says:

    BTW, I ran across a youtube video of a talk given by Mario Pazzaglini in 1997 at FortFest. It’s pretty funny in parts, such as the section on JPL…

    (That should be enough information for you to be able to quickly find it.)

  4. Gheron says:

    I think he was mentioned, sound quality was poor at that point, but would love to see Gordon from Rune Soup as a guest. I also think Jason Horsley would make a great guest on the UFO, “alien” occult AND psychology nexus. He has done a lot of work on Streiber.

  5. Robert Haweson says:

    I read Majestic when it was released in 89 and then 3 years later I was stationed at KAFB. I was a SP/SS and it was amazing how the UFO culture was discussed and constantly brought up within the highly sensitive world of nuclear weapon security.

    The real truth behind what you wrote about in project beta was fresh in the minds of those that were still in the squadron even after the end of the cold war.

  6. Someone someone rbnclnserebnb dddjlwlj says:

    I love the conversation and am with you through most of it. I have to respectfully say though that IMHO where you guys go offtrack is your immersion in dualism. You’re concerned to find out about “The Other” when there is no “other.” You’re wondering how the “Other” seems to be controlled (sometimes at least) by your consciousness, but what you’re referring to as the other IS an aspect of “your” consciousness (only in the sense that there is a “you,” which there really isn’t). One of you wished everyone could be made to understand these phenomena, but I think that when “we” finally “understand” this all fully, it will mean we’re not human any more. It’s more than a paradigm shift, it’s the realization of our true nature, which is infinite. That’s why people go “insane” if they immerse themselves in it, they begin to become post-human while in a biological machine not entirely wired yet to BE post-human (like Spock trying to tune in the internet using a handmade wireless radio from 1930 in the Edith Keeler episode, the machinery is bound to overload and spark out).

    I continually recommend an illogical old teacher from the 20th century and am continually kicked out of various clubs and cliques for it, but I’ll go ahead and do it again here as briefly as I can (which is not at all brief). If you listen to Neville Goddard lectures (many exist on YouTube), you start to comprehend the worldview his teacher Abdullah taught him, based on a book of magickal instruction which has been passed down and today is called The Book of John in the New Testament. Neville was a professional Tarot reader until he learned this system, which overrules Tarot How? Why?

    Tarot, and all magickal systems and trains of thought seek to read the Universe or multiverses and comprehend our reality and “the future,” Neville’s system involves us DECIDING what we would like our reality and “future” to be, and then EXPECTING it into reality. It’s similar to the way on a different episode of Radio Mysterioso that those two people tried to “influence” Greg without telling him. Neville would say if you see your friend is sick, imagine him well. Imagine how it would feel to you if he were well again. Imagine telling him how well he looks, and imagine him telling you he never felt better. Don’t imagine it as though it were real, EXPERIENCE it as reality within yourself, then go to sleep. Why go to sleep?

    In this system, our subconscious is in a sense “God,” and our imagination is “Jesus.” We are both “Jesus” and “God,” as they are not CHARACTERS in this system but aspects of ourselves– code words for aspects of our self. Our subconscious WANTS TO GIVE US WHAT WE WANT but it interprets what we “want” by the state we are in when we enter sleep and go inside it. If we are stressed and worried when we sleep, our subconscious (because it loves us so much) will orchestrate things so that our next day will be filled with even more stress and worry. If we go to sleep imagining how our friend is feeling better, our subconscious will go about bringing that to fruition to please us. Many normal psychiatrists would actually see value in what Neville is saying here, since they would agree with many of his views on influencing the subconscious, but Neville goes further than logical people because he thinks the subconscious actually has the power to transform reality itself. To relate to your subject matter, the UFOs in the sky, the Mothman in West Virginia, and the owls in Mike Clelland’s back yard are all our subconscious trying to please us.

    When I first started listening to Nevile, I did some internet searching and found a blurb written by Israel Regardie saying that he considered Neville’s teachings a valid system of magick, but one that requires an abnormally strong will, and that Neville himself probably didn’t realize how strong his will was. Regardie seemed to think that part of Neville’s teachings should have included instruction on focusing of the will.
    One of you mentioned in the roundtable that you accidentally created a ghost named Boogman when you were younger, and that, like Slenderman, it became “real” to other people. When I was a kid, I was playing poker for chips with friends and was losing hand after hand. As a joke, I decided to pray fervently and loudly to “The Poker King,” a “god” I had just created. I won a hand! I prayed again and won again! I then won 12 hands in a row until one of the other players got really scared and said she’d quit if I didn’t stop. So I stopped and went back to losing! At the time, I was utterly confused. Why? Because I thought “gods” were “out there,” that they were “The Other” that you discuss.
    Clearly they are NOT.

    If you DO take the time to listen to Neville, be aware that he’s usually half drunk when giving his lectures, and he’s a silly old elf. In one lecture, he goes off on a tangent about how angry he was that some of his followers were telling people that he was against drinking. In fact, he said, for lunch every day, he would have one piece of cheese and an entire bottle of wine.
    “Look for me in wine and strange drink.”

    That makes as much sense to me as it did to RAW and Leary, probably because I’m half-Irish.

  7. Someone someone rbnclnserebnb dddjlwlj says:

    I knew there would be no response here, which is why I left it on Seriah’s forum before I quit facebook.

    None of the ideas I’m presenting are ever going to be entertained or addressed because you don’t actually want answers, you just want to justify your fandom of scary stories. You are not satisfied with your creepypastas unless, like a 12 year old in the mid-60s reading the Flash, you have some sort of pseudo-scientific explanation so you can pretend it’s “real.”

    When people outside your tribe give you insight, you’d be wiser to accept it as such rather than playing ignore the messenger. This is why Keel preferred to hang with artists and musicians than “UFO researchers.”

    • Greg says:

      I actually asked you to put your response on the site instead of just leaving it on facebook. If I wanted to ignore you, I’d never have asked. I haven’t gotten around to addressing it because I wanted to do it in detail. You could have just asked why I didn’t reply yet like a reasonable person. And I’ve never identified myself as a “UFO researcher,” or someone who has any “answers,” so I don’t appreciate the straw man argument. It sounds like you only listened to that one show, or you’d realize what I and my guests are about, which is an open-minded quest for knowledge.

      I could also have deleted everything you wrote and no one would have noticed, but that would have justified your attitude, right?

      Funny, I had a good relationship with Keel and had a pleasant lunch with him twice, so I guess I’m one of those artists or musicians that you speak of.

      Would you still like a reply?

    • Steve Ray says:

      O Someone Someone:

      Your criticism seems oddly directed.

      As a podcast, Radio Misterioso is less addicted to creepypasta-plus-scientism than any other I’ve listened to, not that I listen to that many.

      If anything, the current RM worldview makes creepypasta less creepy — how bad can a weird encounter be if it’s a co-creation?


      Steve Ray

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