Kenn Thomas – “I’m Out”

Kenn Thomas, author of landmark books such as The Octopus and JFK and UFO, joined me last week to announce his retirement from the JFK assassination research community. He’s made his contribution, he says, and awaits others to continue in his footsteps.

We talked about the basics of the the assassination and why it still matters. Kenn brought up a few new issues that appeared in advance of the 50th anniversary of the event, such as a NOVA special that supports the single-bullet theory. He also went into some detail about his research into the shadowy figure of Fred Crisman and his possible involvement, as outlined in JFK and UFO.

We went on to talk about the burnout factor in conspiracy and paranormal research, and a few people who we think are carrying on some of these traditions of questioning the status quo. I’ve known Kenn for over 15 years, so of course I had no list of questions or topics. We mostly just talked.

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  1. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    Why has the deaf man’s testimony not been heard? He saw a shooter behind the fence who tossed his gun in mid-run to a railroad guy in coveralls, who dissambled it, placed it in a bag and tossed it into a boxcar.

    I happen to like Sean Morton, he’s got some of the gusto of “back in the day,” as did Bill Cooper, who was by all accounts a real mean drunk. Morton says Corso of Day After Roswell fame/infamy had it in for Kennedy and leaked the bird’s-eye-views of the Soviet missiles in Cuban to force his hand. Morton apparently mistakenly believes Corso was the US military governor of occupied Italy, although the most I can find is that he was there and served as some kind of underling to US Armed Forces HQ in the boot, but the point is, the US actively recruited Italian American organized crime figures to work behind the lines in fascist Italy and, I assume, in occupied Italy. Does Corso have mafia connections as well?

    Crisman was somehow associated with the FBI UFO guys in the NW including Bannister I guess, but I don’t think he was one of the three hobos, they just don’t look like him. One of the interesting things to come out of the 50th anniversary spate of books and speakers is the number of people willing to put it all at the feet of LBJ in the best tradition of Oliver Stone’s “who benefits?” It is interesting, because of the FBI connection. If Ruby and Oswald were both FBI informants, and Oswald was informing Hoover of what the CIA was getting up to, and Bannister and Shaw (and Garrison and Crisman, apparently) were all FBI, although the first two “went over” to CIA and were supporting Paperclip and so on, it’s really not hard to imagine an inter-agency squabble over intelligence and clearances and who was Red and who was better off dead. Under that scenario the CIA killed Kennedy while the FBI at the leadership level decided not to stop them. LBJ was too uncouth to really be on the inside in this complex plot, it would have to be ordered by Bush Sr., Harriman, Cabbot-Lodge and that whole old guard, including the Dulleses, who were clearly in cahoots with the Bushes and the Nazis during WWII and were probably fully on-board with Paperclip, if not prime movers in that.

    As I commented earlier when Adam Gorightly was on, I don’t think Kerry Thornley was meeting with E. Howard Hunt, either, but his story is very interesting and connected with the real assassination in some way. I don’t buy for a second this woman claiming she was Oswald’s girlfriend at (Bill?) O’Reilly Coffee in New Orleans. It sets my BS detector off at full tilt every time I hear a new claim made by her and her supporters. But my BS detector has been known to fail at times.

  2. Bob Desnos says:

    With all due respect, I wish the people who claim to have compelling UFO film/video would just put up or shut up and release them. I don’t care if it’s Kenn Thomas, Ray Stanford or James Gilliland. Lovely folks I’m sure, but at some point the rubber needs to meet the road. Till then – YAWN.

  3. AJ Gulyas says:

    Great interview–Most of the JFK stuff is so convoluted that I get a headache trying to look into it with any depth, but I was able to keep up with this pretty well. It also reminded me that I needed to get my own copy of JFK and UFO (I’d gotten it from the library back in the day), so iBooks to the rescue. Looking forward to reading it again soon.

  4. drew hempel says:

    Wonder what Kenn thinks of “JFK and the Unspeakable” book. I finally finished it. Thanks for the interview –

  5. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    I hope America’s Favorite Conspiracy Theorist was just joking about retiring, or is just retiring from the JFK wing of things.

    Kenn Thomas said he’s had enough
    And he’s leaving in a huff
    Tired of playing JFK buff
    And collecting Crisman stuff
    He spends his days watching Invaders reruns written by Warren Duff
    Or is it only a complex plot, a feint, to draw the creatures or MJ-12 out, a bluff?
    Kenn Thomas said he’s had enough
    He spends his days watching Invaders reruns by Duff

    (In fairness, Bob Desnos, Kenn isn’t making claims or withholding evidence, he’s been sending out copies of the shitty video of a home video since before there was a youtube.)

  6. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Kenn says “look at the Zapruder film. That’s all the evidence you need.” Well I have, several times on HD quality on Youtube & with a new stabilized version at 30fpm. And there are still things I don’t get.

    I don’t get the fact that you clearly see Kennedy’s right parietal portion of his skull burst like a melon, which to me –a person who admits not to know much about ballistics, but knows a thing or two about physics & momentum) doesn’t coincide with a projectile coming from the front.

    I’ve read somewhere that Kennedy was wearing a girdle that day during his many back problems. Could that have influenced the ‘back & to the left’ motion highlighted in Oliver Stone’s movie?

    • Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

      I have concluded the Abraham Zapruder film has been tampered with. I compare it with the slight other footage available, wherein the Lincoln or limousine actually almost stops, and that’s missing from Z. The halo of brains and blood is consistent with eye-witness testimonies. The reason it would shoot out mainly to the SIDE toward Z.’s camera, I don’t know, since everyone except for the fakers at Bethesda Naval said there was a hole in the right BACK of JFK’s head you could stick your fist inside. Frangible? Probably. Looks like.

      • Red Pill Junkie says:

        In his last appearance on Binnall of America, Jim Marrs also said that, in his opinion, the ZF has been tampered with.

        I also read a recent article at The Atlantic written by an American journalist who interviewed Fidel Castro. 2 interesting things were highlighted from that interview:

        a) Castro didn’t buy the Warren commission’s conclusions, and said they had been engineered to fool the American public; and

        b) To this day, Castro is still obsessed with the figure of Kennedy. Maybe he feels guilt for not trying to reach out to him during the Bay of Pigs crisis. Maybe he knows more than he’s telling, but that won’t surface while he’s still alive.

  7. Anna Maria says:

    Awesome interview as usual. But I heartily disagree papito when you said that people don’t come here to listen to you..but your guests. You are the ONLY reason I come here! Your interview style is totally original..and I can hear most of these guests anywhere..but not you my dear. So don’t be so humble..we love you and love hearing you..ok?

    Now post some more shows up because I’m having Bishop withdrawls!

    Besos! =)

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