Greg Valdez: Dulce Base

There is a huge mythology surrounding the so-called Dulce underground base in northwestern New Mexico. Most if not all of the stories surrounding this subject were started as disinfo from government sources. My guest Greg Valdez was on the front lines for most of the time that these rumors were being manufactured. He accompanied and later assisted his father, the late New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez at the dawn of the cattle mutilation mystery that gripped the area surrounding the town of Dulce and the Jicarilla Apache reservation on which it lies.

On this program, we started with a short history of the weird happenings in the area, which along with the unexplained animal deaths included almost nightly sightings of strange lights in the sky. The revelations about some of these lights and Greg’s adventures and conversations with his father directly answers the tales of alien bases and cow-napping. The truth of the matter is most likely far more earthly and far more sinister than any UFO true-believer would want to admit. The history of atomic and biological weapons testing and possible black-budget aircraft play a major role.

I was truly amazed more than once over the course of this interview. The research in Greg Valdez’ book Dulce Base and the revelations it contains will rewrite the history of this chapter in UFO lore, for those who care to read with an open and critical mind.

The book will be released in 2-3 weeks There will be a link to it and the associated website posted here.

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20 Responses to Greg Valdez: Dulce Base

  1. Ward says:

    Really fantastic interview Greg and Greg 😉 right in the middle of it but i keep rewinding and going back to listen again and again, that means its a really great show.

    Honestly Greg is a really level headed and down to earth guest. Refreshing to hear a real person being interviewed and not someone who is in this field really. The explanations are almost as fantastic as aliens. Radiation testing and Weaponized Biological Agents, Hidden entrances in mountain sides and anomalous objects. Also that Greg went into law enforcement helps with him just presenting the evidence and not so much theory.

    One question Greg (Bishop) Did Greg say that the lights his dad saw DID move beyond what we currently think is possible (ultra fast acceleration and stop on a dime in mid air with noise sort of thing)

    This delta shaped NASA craft sounds very interesting, hope you can post some pictures Greg when and if you get them.

    This book is going to be a must purchase for me. Thanks for a great show Greg and Greg!

    • matt says:

      Hey Ward and everyone else eager to read a copy of dulce base book. I’ve been constantly refreshing his facebook / page for a while now and the day has finally come!!! epub + print book ordering direct.

      Don’t know how i’ll get through the afternoon without sneaking off into the server room and reading as much as i can.

      P.S. – Ward, I was having a bit of monday blues the other week and couldn’t face work (australia, show comes out 1pm in the afternoon) luckily being able to catch a live Greg Misterioso Bishop show turned my frown upside down. Anyway was great show with yourself as the unintended guest, interesting and a fun conversation great work! All the dqrm call in practice has paid off and thankfully you ask the questions that are on my mind (give us more Michael Younger! he’s stuck in my head like Paul Bennewitz. Though respect to both their families as interesting as they are as people they’re entitled to their privacy).

      P.P.S Greg, Last few shows have been fantastic (they’re all great) A.J Gulyas, Greg Valdez, Chris O’Brien, Ward call in special. I don’t know if it’s a bit more general energy / enthusiasm I sense (taking sunday evening off before the Monday work day can’t always be easy) but they’ve just really been tickling my brain, even went back and re-listened to the Robert Emenegger interviews as well, too damn good. Will somebody please track down Jamie Shandera!

      Enough pleasantries but maybe some more.. I just can’t express enough how much your shows, articles and the community around means to me and lifts my spirits compared to the irrational insanity that spirals around these topics that I can’t escape thinking about.

      Take care

      • Greg says:

        Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been busy with other junk, but still am doing the shows. Will post more very soon.

  2. vicki says:

    Really one of the most engrossing interviews, ever. Now I feel like taking photos of the sky near the mountain here…having seen a giant triangle over Hilo many years ago…go to NM Greg…get the scoops.

  3. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Mind = BLOWN

    • Ward says:

      Amen to that RPJ 🙂

      That Gabe and his son Greg kept these secrets for so long is amazing and I’m glad for history’s sake we can get a glimpse at what was and possible is going on out at Dulce.

  4. mrs. eccentric says:

    Blasted hectic couple of days here – i’ve been able to listen in fits and starts, but i know that i want to get my hands on Greg’s book ASAP!!! I just loooooove the smile in Greg V.’s voice as he says, “…I didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement….”. Indeed.

    And Richard Doty’s response to your SERPO post: “You wound me, sir.” oh, please (eye rolling interlude). Classic turn of the bull.

    I’m eating up your interview with Chris O’Brien, too, and Greg Hansen would be an awesome interview. I talked to him a time or two, Hansen has the most solid handle on the trickster of anyone i know. I remember when Vaeni and Ritzmann were doing PAratopia and were heavily into Hansen’s trickster theories, J&J kept asking guests if their lives were in some type of turmoil or erratic before they started experiencing paranormal/ufo events. The idea being that this non-structured state is inviting to coyote. However, as i asked Mr. Hansen, “…seems to me that coyote is all about both/and, not either/or, and thus there are definite cases of people leading boring, structured lives which are thrown INTO mass chaos by contact with the ‘other’…?”. Hansen agreed with my take on this aspect of contact, and further said that this is one of the things that makes research in this area so incredibly intellectually challenging – you really have to hold opposites in your mind at the same time with equal weight in order to grasp the phenomenon.

    For instance, you have ufo’s that disappear into thin air/shapeshift/perform physically impossible moves, while at the same time you have ufo’s leaving marks indicating the object sitting there weighed half a ton or so. An evanescent ghost of a wisp that weighs a ton. This makes no sense at all given current physics, not to mention common sense, but we got to account for all of this if we want to get anywhere…..

    whew, that went on and on! pfft, i need to blog….keep it up and have fun Greg! stepj

  5. mrs. eccentric says:

    classic “… turd…” of the bull. sheesh. steph

    & my captcha is Classun pooCor

  6. Jason says:

    I could listen to Greg Valdez all the time! Such a genuine guy and as always Greg Bishop puts together a fantastic interview and show! Cheers!

  7. Bill says:

    Really fantastic interview- no sign of the book on Amazon, etc. Any info on where to buy?

  8. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    It begins to make sense. When one of the Gregs said the “underground ET war” at Dulce _must_ go back to something or serve some disinfo tactical goal, I was thinking, well, maybe it was just window-dressing, because there is an old (or is it old?) story about cowboys coming upon a cave and fighting it out with the greys, or perhaps it was Indians who fought and died there, and the cowboys discovered a battle-field in a cave, although I’m pretty sure the story is the cowpokes fought the ETs and then later the Indians said, yeah, that happened to our guys too a while back. If that lore is in circulation already, selling Dulce as a partially ET base could make use of it, to add the “oh yeah, I heard about that before” sort of name/idea/meme-recognition.

    PS: Jim Keith was saying cattle mutilations were bioweapon testing, harvesting the eyes to measure or culture some agent, a rare bacteria, right around the time he died of that bacteria infecting his screwed-up knee when he fell off the stage at Burning Man. He was also talking about giant red-haired Sasquatchi and hoped to meet one in NV or something, reportedly. (Sanchez thought originally he got nerve-poisoned from spare jet parts in cases, but later decided it was a mysterious waitress no one later knew who served him coffee. He also said someone broke into and stole (removed?) several gigs of info from his computer around the same time.)

    • Greg says:

      I had some interaction with Keith just before he died, and I really wish it could have been more. For some reason, I didn’t consider him nearly as bad as some others in the weirdness field as far as drawing conclusions from strange data. Others, such as Ted Oliphant and Peter Jordan (see interview posted on 12/24/11) have said the same about mutilations and biowarfare for many years now.

      • Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

        Drawing correct conclusions from insufficient or even incorrect data… Wasn’t that in Frank Herbert’s book Destination: Void?

  9. Bob Desnos says:

    Any further info on the publication of this book? Fantastic interview, Greg.

  10. Kev says:

    Excellent rocking show and biological testing is a great concern in the back garden but nothing new and enjoyed reading your book. Also agree more on the secret tech and maybe Bill Moore might be up for a new interview? However, still think plausible UFO “sight seeing” a possibility over some of these so called top secret locations. Maybe Mr Robert Hastings interview down the track maybe on the cards?

  11. Coppertop says:

    I don’t often buy books based on a podcast or word of mouth, but I’m definitely getting this one. Being relatively new to the whole fortean/paranormal/unexplained thing (I only really got interested just this year), I’d never even heard of Dolce, so I came into this fresh and really want to know more about it. Keep up the good work, man! And update more often!

  12. OKOK says:

    A very good show, Greg.

    I’ve been researching UK animal mutilations for some while. The unexplained incidents date back to at least the 1930s. In 2010 a pile of cows heads were found at a remote spot on Anglesey, and horses heads are also sometime found throughout the UK. There’s a short piece about the “acoustic” theory I put together here:

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Anon says:

    If there’s one thing all these Bishop interviews have taught me about New Mexico, is DON’T move there! Unless of course I want my private parts irradiated and have glow-in-the-dark! =)

  14. Anna Maria says:

    It’s been almost two months since your last show..are you ok?

    Please do another show soon..we miss hearing you! =)

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