Adam Gorightly: Discordians, Paranoia and Call-Ins

On December 30th, we had our old buddy Adam back on for a visit and a little catching up.

We started out with Bigfoot, and his/ their apparent talent for language and mimicry. We also talked about expanded awareness that results from psychedelic drugs, especially after they wear off.

In about 2003 or so, Adam dragged me along on an interview with Robert Anton Wilson. From that interview, Adam found out about a cache of documents from the early years of the Discordian religion, which he eventually acquired and will soon be releasing a book based on them. He also uncovered a wealth of documents on counterculture figure Kerry Thornley and his interaction with the Warren Commission and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, which will be the subject of another book to be released this year, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the assassination, and he described that project for about 15 minutes.

Later, we launched into a discussion of paranoid states of mind and our experiences with them, such as a recording of our talk with Wilson, which was apparently lost in the mail for over a year.

Tim Binnall called in and chimed in on our discussion of people who want to “clean up” UFO research. We all agreed that this was a losing battle considering the personalities involved and of course the mercurical nature of the subject itself.

Former Jim Moseley colleague/ co-conspirator Tim Brigham called in later in the show to discuss his proposed cage match with a parapsychology skeptic. He also announced that Saucer Smear has ceased publication forever, since Moseley as editor was the heart and soul of the publication. I support this decision. The next 20 minutes was a reminiscnce about Moseley and his benign disrespect for the UFO community of which he was an integral part.

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16 Responses to Adam Gorightly: Discordians, Paranoia and Call-Ins

  1. Is Adam insane??

    Batman could totally kick Superman’s ass! Hasn’t anyone read Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns? 😉

  2. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    I was thinking Captain Marvel (“SHAZAM!”) vs. Superman was a fairer fight, and I think DC comics did that at least once after acquiring Captain Marvel or Shazam or whatever it was they claimed and won.

    The bigfeet language thing has fascinated me. I think one of Paulides’s bigfeet books has something about it. Natives in British Columbia or somewhere said, oh yeah, they speak what the ___ River people speak. I couldn’t find the ___ River people anywhere, much less anything about their language.

    Some guy in Brisbane, Australia of all places told me he was working on a collection of early Discordiana, and I think he mentioned materials from the House Select Committee or National Archives. “I can make you famous, but five people will have to die.” (The problem with Kerry Thornley’s IDing E. Howard as his strange handler friend is that, according to Kerry, they didn’t actually have the same face! But what do I know, the “three bums” don’t look like Hunt or Crisman to my lying eyes (though maybe one does look like Sturgis).

    ANYway, the reason I’m commenting is to try to pass a message to Gorightly about the Starseed material. There’s a book called Starseed Transmissions: An Extraterrestrial Report by Ken Carey and Archangel Raphael. I bought and read it a long time ago, thinking it had something to do with Leary and Wilson’s Starseed stuff. It probably does, but I never got access to the Leary and Wilson material, so I couldn’t compare. It’s a little bit too obscure for Carey to be trying to cash in on the name in the title. I’m not even going to try to embed this here, but here’s a small image of the cover:

    If you want, need or desire this book, I have it in pdf format, and I think Greg can probably figure out which emails came from my address.

    Hippy MAJIC!

  3. bob’s yer uncle, 8 minutes in and you’re discussing just what struck me about your (Greg’s) and Timmy B.’s discussion re: is bigfoot paranormal (as opposed to your regular humdrum mammal).

    Well everything you guys were bringing up as bigfoot behaviour is also typical behaviour of poltergeists. Mimicry, swearing, throwing stones/sticks, making little arrangements of objects (or big arrangements – Colin Wilson has a fantastic story of a poltergeist who would make human ‘tableaux’ out of a family’s clothing, pillows, blankets etc. while the family was out at church sometime in the maybe 1800’s? It’s in his book ‘POLTERGEIST!’, if i have a minute later i’ll look it up).

    Lastly, many poltergeist infestations involve ‘smearing of ordure’, in other words shit appears all over the place. These guys are nothing if not classy. 😉

    Why this is the type of stuff i remember without any effort whatsoever is beyond me. Anyway once you start looking across categories like this and put it together with the notable lack of physical evidence, say a body, i think it’s pretty clear what’s up. Happy Evening! steph

  4. Redpill: I won’t even dignify your Superman vs. Batman comment!

    Indridi: you must be referring to Discordian Aussie Dr. John Swabey, who I have collaborated with in the past.

    As for E. Howie Hunt, I don’t recall Kerry saying that Gary Kirstein’s (aka Brother-in-Law) face didn’t match Hunt’s, but that Hunt could have been in a minimal disguise. (Hunt was renowned as a master of disguise.) And I do think Hunt somewhat resembles the old man tramp the cops picked up in Dallas on JFK assassination day. To suggest that Batman could kick Superman’s ass is ludicrous.

    Whoever wrote Starseed Transmissions that you refer to probably lifted the title from Leary, who also wrote a book by that title that never received wide distribution. Leary and Wilson were working closely during this period, and Starseed Signals is a recounting of those heady days.

  5. Sagacious says:

    It has be shown that Batman always keeps a sample of kryptonite with him. Maybe using the kryptonite Batman could defeat Superman, Otherwise he doesn’t stand a chance.

    • In a Batman vs Superman match, obviously I wouldn’t just consider the physical prowess of each.

      The thing that makes Bruce Wayne the Batman is that he’s the world’s best detective –and has a shitload of money to buy all the cool toys he needs 😉

  6. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    Yes, Adam, John Swabey, that’s his name. I hope he didn’t begrudge me our strange correspondence. On Brother-in-Law as not E. H. Hunt, I thought it came up in the version of Confessions round about where the sketch of Big Brother-in-Arms is provided. I made a dump of all that and was editing it into a pdf but got bored and never finished. I could be misremembering, but I thought Kerry said he didn’t actually have the same face or ears, plus Brother was bald at a time Hunt was publicly not bald (a baldie cap?).

    I took the liberty of sending you an email to the address on your sight. It will probably end up in the junk or spam folder immediately because of the nature of my email address.

  7. Indridi, I would like to see this sketch of Brother-In-Law, if you still have it.

  8. Len Osanic says:

    When are we going to get that Moseley retrospective??? And has anybody else checked out the ‘Mother’ site ( Some paranormal crazy shit going on there.

    • Greg says:

      I think I did one with Tim Brigham. I’ll post soon. Perhaps after a tribute book I’m contributing to is published, I’ll do another.

      • Bob Bobson says:

        I think it was during that show when you said where going to do a separate tribute. Moseley came up during that show, but I don’t think it was a ‘Moseley show’ per se.

  9. Sagacious says:

    When is your next show, Greg?

  10. Adam Gorightly says:

    Here’s some more on the Discordian Archives.

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