Rare Audio: 1978 UFO Record

“Coincidentally” one year after the release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Center for UFO Studies put out this double record album of Factual Eyewitness Testimony of UFO Encounters! complete with Chariots of the Gods/ Star Wars lettering on the cover, so people knew what to expect. The target audience were apparently sci-fi buffs with an interest in UFOs. I don’t think that those crowds mix too much, but this was the 1970s, baby.

In weeks where I don’t have a live show to post or an archived one to thrill you, I will post  rare and forgotten recordings of lectures, music, interviews, and other odds and ends from my UFO and paranormal audio collection.

This week’s selection features J. Allen Hynek talking about the Papua New Guinea encounter case, Patrolman Herbert Schirmer discussing the “men” he met on a lonely road in Nebraska in 1967, and Betty Hill describing her archetypal abduction. All of the testimony is from the actual witnesses. Great stuff and surprisingly balanced, although heavily weighted towards the ET hypothesis, of course. It’s a high-class production, with music and sound effects mixed in throughout.

This recording used to be available online though a couple of different sites, but the links appear to have been broken.


Side 1

Side 2

Side 3

Side 4

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22 Responses to Rare Audio: 1978 UFO Record

  1. Ward says:

    Fantastic post Greg! This should be great listening, I’m really looking forward to Peter Robbins is Sunday as well. Thanks,


  2. Kandinsky says:

    Thanks Greg. I’ve got hours and hours of these recordings and think they’re priceless. Folk can believe in ET, folkloric solutions or whatever tickles their fancy – the audio end of the subject is oral history of something interesting, whatever the perspective.

    Willingham was a hoaxer, Cooper an elaborator and Hill something else altogether. It doesn’t matter though because it’s part of our history and puts a twist to the mystery.

    Putting Don King aside, I wonder if you have a copy of the interview with police pilots Arey and Dellinger from 1977? They had a heli encounter with a couple of *somethings* above Charlottesville.

    • Greg says:

      I don’t know who WIllingham or Don King were, and I haven’t heard about that Charlottesville case. Bill Cooper? Betty Hill? You’re got more info in your brain than I do!

  3. Chris Barrus says:

    Anyone know what happened to the Faded Discs archive? They were selling CD-ROMs of old UFO-releated audio: Long John Nebel shows, Hynek interviews, etc. When I last looked them up (maybe 3 or 4 years ago) they had announced that they were putting all their recordings in the public domain, but then nothing…

    • Greg says:

      Chris, I think that Wendy Connors stopped that project, and then just faded away. I don’t know if she has any more plans to release her archives online. I bought a few CDs from her years ago. Little known fact: She also provided me with an original photo of Paul Bennewitz for Project Beta.

  4. Ward says:

    hehe side one about 13 minutes in the music is used in the original Dawn of the Dead movie, how odd. It’s a good production, really enjoying it.

  5. Ward says:

    lol now the beginning of side 4 has the “spacey organ music” used by Monty Python and its Science Fiction Sketch of blancmanges from the Andromeda Galaxy.

    go to 1:42 to hear the same thing

    guess there is a lot of canned music being used. Still one of the best earlier ufo audio documentaries I’ve ever heard.

    • Greg says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it. Amazing ear you have. Being such a Python geek, I should have noticed that music too!

    • Id0 says:

      Incidentally (no pun intended), it’s called Industrie Spatiale by Robert Hermel. His album is available on other blogspots including a RT 158 – Monty Python’s Flying Library Music: Vol. 1!

    • Charles Swenson says:

      A huge chunk of Wendy Connor’s Faded Discs material has been recently uploaded to archive.org, some 25 plus hours worth. What a haul! This portion contains mostly old radio shows, including some Long John Nebel that hasn’t previously been posted on archive dot org. These radio shows offer a real opportunity to check out the phenomena as it evolved over the years, in the original radio form that brought so much of the public’s attention to this phenomena in the first place.

      Archive dot org also has recently added some Jerry Modjeski’s hour long “UFO Updates” lately as well, some of which are more interesting than others, including a audio transcription of Albert Bender’s strange encounter with the Men in Black, which is actually much odder heard than read.

      By the way, have you been listening to Over the Edge lately? They are once again exploring the 60’s with lots of vintage UFO material there as well. I’m beginning to recognize now where Negativland got a lot of the material they use here, as well in so many of their previous “Another UFO” programs. Three hours is pretty long for weekly program, but sometimes this longer format makes for much deeper immersion in the material.

      Anyway, good programs lately; I usually hold your programs back longer before listening to them, like a desert I know will always be appetizing regardless of the bulk of the podcast meal I ingest prior to it.

      Seriously…keep up the good work. It’s your Project Beta that really got me back into the field after some 30 years, so it’s fault and I’m glad it is. You help keep the field sane and interesting for what it most certainly is…one of the most interesting memes of the past 50+ years. so repressed by the collective consciousness that it takes on some pretty bizarre and entertaining aspects at times.

      A grateful listener

      Charles Swenson

  6. Kandinsky says:

    I listened to the full record today and it was pretty cool stuff.

    All the way through…oompah oompah dah dah dahhh. Dramatic pause…diddlee dee dee dah dah dah. If I have one gripe it’s the absence of a funky wah wah pedal.

    Nowadays, folk complain at the overuse of X-Files theme music and say it doesn’t take ufology seriously. Here we have a CUFOS release with more dramatic music than a Hammer House movie.

    @ Ward – I still managed to miss the Monty Python music dammit!

  7. Sagacious says:

    It was interesting hearing Hynek’s voice. I don’t believe I heard him before. (I ‘ve never seen the E.T. movie.) That last close encounter of the first kind was also pretty impressive.

  8. Joe says:

    Greg, you’re nothing short of awesome. This was super fun to listen to. Thanks.

  9. Marco says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I bought the record when it came out in 1978. I remember seeing an ad on TV for it and ordered it. I still have the booklet that cam with it, but pretty much wore out the record. It had great info for it’s time, although I think the Willingham case has been pretty much debunked now. Anyway, thank for the great trip down memory lane!! Marco

  10. Marco says:

    By the way, would you know where I might find audio of the late Earl J. Neff?

    • Greg says:

      Is he the journalist who interviewed attendees at an L.A. Saucer convention in the 1950s? If so, I have some of those recordings.

      • Marco says:

        thanks for responding. I’m not sure but he may have. He was one of the very early researchers. He conducted a number of interviews. He was known primarily as the director of the Cleveland Ufology Project, which I believe stands as the oldest UFO study group in the U.S.
        He was good friends with Keyhoe, Len Springfield, Frank Edwards and the like. He was also known as an accomplished artist. In fact, the last interview I heard with him on a local radio show here in Ohio, he was looking into the possibility that Frank Edwards had possibly been assassinated back in 1967. Apparently, someone had stated that Edwards would die before the upcoming conference back in 67. There was a story on the Long John Nebel show about that too I believe. Anyway, I have been looking for audio for him for some time. He did alot of radio and TV talk shows, at least locally, but those stations don’t keep their archives back that far. Thanks again.

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