Dr. Barry Taff: The Entity and More

Dr. Taff is best known for his study of the “Entity” case of 1974, which was subsequently made into a 1982 feature film. Dr. Taff earned his doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering from UCLA. He also worked in the parapsychology lab at UCLA from 1969 through 1978 as a research associate where he studied precognition, ESP, and investigated reports of poltergeists and hauntings, and has continued over the last 40 years to log over 4000 cases. He also holds five medical patents.

A couple of months ago listener Ward suggested Dr. Taff as a guest which reminded me that I have wanted to talk to him for years. We started off with a history of the UCLA lab and Dr. Taff’s work there, including a study of his own apparent psychic abilities.

We also covered remote viewing, some of Taff’s more edgy ghost investigations and  various theories about the paranormal and ended with his history of UFO studies and experiences with early (1970s) abductions.

Dr, Taff has recently been stricken with severe cataracts and a fund has been set up to help him cover the considerable medical costs. If you want to help out, you can donate here.

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8 Responses to Dr. Barry Taff: The Entity and More

  1. Ward says:

    Fantastic Interview Greg, I’m on my third listening! The implications of these repeated patterns over these 4500 cases Dr. Taff has investigated really has profound implications on what constitutes reality.

  2. drew hempel says:

    Oops the comment section cut of the interview — still when he said it was holographic I went Cha-Ching!! Qigong master Chunyi Lin read “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot and Chunyi Lin says indeed that is an accurate model for how “it” works.

    Yes holographic. Very cool. Now back to the interview. Thanks Greg!

  3. I really enjoyed the first half of the interview very much. Like Ward, Dr Taff’s findings about correlations between geomagnetic anomalies and sensitive epilepsy-prone individuals is a very important scientific discovery, which could transform into the Pandora’s box that finally cracks open the key to these phenomena.

    The 2nd half was also interesting, although I do feel Dr Taff’s take on UFOs is too… orthodox… for my taste. These ideas about reverse-engineered alien saucers and the Nazis having superior technology are gathering mythological proportions in the UFO community. His little question to Ben Rich was very puzzling though, and Rich’s ambiguous response is just the kind of thing that’ll keep the fire burning 🙂

    Probably my only real caveat is that he kept plugging his book over and over. I’m sure I’d find it fascinating, and I already added it to my wish list —the art cover is hideous though— but I do get upset when a guest keeps repeating “read my book” more than twice.

    I really hope Dr Taff returns a 2nd time to the show. Hopefully you and Walter can pitch him an idea for the ‘bimbo ghostbusters’ Playboy TV show 😛

    • Greg says:


      Yeah. he sticks close to the standard ETH, and we didn’t get a chance to go into his reasoning more, but I plan to have him on in the future and I can ask him then.

      I think that Dr. Taff is surviving on income from his book, among other things, and feels that he has to plug it every so often for people who only listen to part of the show, I guess.

      • Well, that is so unfair to him. I’m sure people would love to have the chance to hear him explain his theories on a conference.

        Dr. Taff would make for one kick-ass TED talk.

        • Greg says:


          I wonder how people get invited to those things? It might be an uphill battle as my impression is that the audience basically treats mainstream science as almost a religion. Dr. Taff may be too far off the path for their tastes. I may be wrong and I hope I am.

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