Richard Senate: Ghost Hunter

Richard Senate has been chasing ghosts and hauntings for 23 years. In that time, he has witnessed a laundry list of paranormal phenomena and developed a small list of theories about what might be causing the activity.

We began the interview with a short discussion of his adventure fiction. His newest collection of short stories is entitled, Thrilling Adventure Tales In The Age of Steam. We spent the next two hours in deep discussion about his countless ghost cases. From the poltergeist that manifested a dancing clown in a hallway to a phantom wound on a psychic that bled profusely but very quickly healed, a talk with Richard Senate is always full of strange and unsettling stories. Throughout the conversation, we kept coming back to possible theories that would make sense of some of the phenomena. Mr. Senate also busted a few myths about ghosts and related phenomena.

We ended with Mr. Senate’s plea for cooperation amongst paranormal researchers in order to advance what is seen as a hobby for amateurs into more of a scientific pursuit.

His newest ghost book is Silver Ghosts: Haunted Places and Phantom Encounters In Northern Nevada.

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