Farah Yurdozu – Turkish Ufology

Visiting Farah

As the Radio Misterioso site continues to be repaired, I will occasionally post shows that either have not been heard in awhile or ever (at least since the original broadcast.)

My good friend Farah Yurdozu appeared on Radio Misterioso in 2007 when we had just met at the Roswell UFO festival, where we both appeared as speakers. We found that we shared many opinions on UFOs and the paranormal, and I immediately asked her to appear as a guest. Since then, we have met a few times at conferences and I eventually visited Farah in her home country of Turkey, where she was a gracious and knowledgeable host. This interview was recorded in late July of 2007. Farah talked about her many books in at least two languages (she speaks Turkish, English, and Spanish) her own paranormal experiences and those of her family, the Djinn tradition and how it relates to the abduction phenomenon, and the Turkish government and press attitude towards UFO sightings.

Rare insights by a renowned researcher, author, and sensitive. Enjoy.

(Farah has agreed to appear on the program again in the near future, so keep visiting and listening!)

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4 Responses to Farah Yurdozu – Turkish Ufology

  1. dia sobin says:

    Hi Greg,
    Glad to see Radio Misterioso is back in business! Altogether a fascinating show with Farah Yurdozu. I was especially interested in her take on the underground cities in Turkey which have always intrigued me. It seems that the Turkish mythology surrounding the cities is not unlike Mac’s crypto hypotheses.

    I envy your visit to that part of the world! Did you get to see Cappadocia?


  2. Greg says:

    Hey Dia,

    Nice to see you commenting here.

    No we only had time to see Istanbul, but Farah made the most of it by taking us everywhere and showing us a great time. It seems like many other cultures have integrated their experiences with apparent non-humans and made it part of their planet-based worldview.

    Thanks for listening and stay in touch.



  3. Jim A. Parks says:

    I really look forward to hearing the classic shows from the 90s. I never listened to any paranormal radio shows (other than the occasional C2C) until a few years ago. I really feel like I missed out on this stuff — as well as the ‘zine scene of the 90s.

    I enjoy RM because it still has an underground/edgy sort of feel to it — impromptu and unplanned (compared to, say, Binnall and the Paracast – both of which I also enjoy a lot). There is this sense with RM that you are broadcasting from a secret underground lair — or like the scene in American Graffiti with Wolfman Jack broadcasting from an antenna building out in the desert.

    But diga me, Greg: Were you and a couple of your friends really the inspiration for the Lone Gunmen on the X-Files. I swear I heard this somewhere — or was I dreaming.

    — Jim

    • Greg Bishop says:


      Glad you like the show and notice my personal take on paranormal talk.

      Kenn Thomas was the source for that rumor on “The Lone Gunmen.” It was just something that he noticed and suspected. I never believed it!

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