Sesh Heri: Wonder Of The Worlds

Sesh Heri is the author of three intriguing books. Two are fictional adventure stories based on (but extrapolating from) historical facts. The first title, Wonder of the Worlds, follows inventor Nikola Tesla, illusionist Harry Houdini, and author Mark Twain as they  wage interplanetary war against a shadowy Martian race. The next novel in the trilogy, Metamorphosis, looks at Houdini and writer Jack London as they try and trace the origins of a sinister extraterrestrial organization, and how this group controls Earthly events. The third novel in the trilogy is due this fall.

In this program we talked about the historical events that Heri used to construct his storylines, and the inner personalities of the characters. What forces control the introduction of new inventions and how these forces used? Heri has a radical view of how these events transpire, and presents us with the idea that new ideas are not always due to endless trial and error, and may come into existence through simple inspiration or in a more sinister way by intellectual theft from others who cannot play the political games involved to claim due credit.

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  1. Gareth says:

    Really glad I decided to listen to this episode. I learnt some stuff about Tesla that I didnt know before.

    Is it widely accepted that he was such a talented visualiser, and that this is how he designed his inventions?

    Or is that more of a fringy thing?

  2. SpaceBrother says:


    I don’t think that it is “widely” accepted by anyone but Tesla fans that many if not all of his inventions were conceptualized in his mind before they were built. It is what he claimed, but I know of no refutation of his method.

    What this suggests to me is that he was able to somehow unhook from time and basically see future events. It probably helped that the future events were things with which he was intimately connected.

    • Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

      Tesla himself describes his visionary experience in a very short tract he wrote that popped up as a set of webpages a few years back. The first image was of the first page of the booklet itself, followed by plaintext I believe. He disavowed anything having to do with spirit as such, and said something about how he was being played by the universe which had fooled him into thinking he was anything more than a machine. He spoke about how dreams are a collection of fragments recorded by the waking mind and synthesized at night. He avowed having precise visions of the things he was working upon, visions that appeared as real and durable as ordinary reality, if not more so. The idea seemed to be that he physically saw these things floating in space, a sort of alternative imaginary space. That’s my memory of reading it once, and I don’t remember the title, but it’s probably searchable under “Tesla autobiography.”

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