Miguel Romero – A Visit To Mexico City

From March 10th to the 17th, I visited my friend Miguel Romero in Mexico City. At the suggestion of our friend David Metcalfe, we decided to conduct a live show from the condo where we were staying. Most of the program was a travelogue of the city and surrounding areas, Mexican history, comparative religions, and food. We spoke on our visit to the massive basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico and a true goddess figure in her own right. We discussed the ease with which Mexicans accept both their Catholic/ Spanish history as well as harboring an infinite amount of pride in their indigenous heritage. We also attended a wrestling match (aka Lucha Libre) which is very different from the American version.

We recalled a possible near robbery which we experienced while on a canal touring the infamous “Island of the Dolls,” and the ignorant bliss that was present in the country at the time with regard to the growing pandemic. Miguel suggested that we should “embrace living in a state of eternal surrealism.” He summed up his country as “a place where the fantastic goes hand in hand with daily life.”


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