Whitley Strieber – A Life of Contact

Anyone who listens to this show knows the work of Whitley Strieber. His 1987 book Communion was a watershed document that made millions aware of the phenomenon of UFO abductions. It defined and codified the experiences for thousands of people, many of whom wrote to Strieber and his late wife Anne with their own stories. His influence can truly be described as “iconic.” To me, he is the best currently active artist dealing with this subject.

In this conversation, we discussed the beginnings of his experiences, indications of what came before, and the deep influence of his wife in framing and presenting his story. We also delved into the enigma of materials supposedly taken from UFO crashes, the brain physiology of abductees, how Anne has apparently communicated with him since her death, and the times that author William S. Burroughs visited Strieber’s famous cabin looking to make contact with the Visitors.

Commenting on the events of his life, Strieber says he has come to believe that “what we see here is another level of human beings who are in control of souls.” His next book is entitled A New World.


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