Miguel Romero – Catching Up With Red Pill Junkie

One day, we’ll get Miguel to write a book. He’s certainly heading in that direction as evidenced by this recent conversation on a variety of far-reaching subjects. As a writer for The Daily Grail, he searches out and reports/ comments on the latest in the world of the paranormal, UFOs, and consciousness.

We wandered all over the map here, from possible reasons for UFO sighting “flaps,” the connections to other strange phenomena, how a close encounter changes the witness, and how Ufology might be able to connect the left and right brains with new methods of research. With this in mind, we also discussed what a really good 21st century UFO conference should look like.

We also talked about apport phenomena and his design for the cover of the upcoming contactee encyclopedia A Is For Adamski. Miguel also has a blog and his wonderful art for sale on t-shirts.

Above: One of RPJ’s t-shirt designs.


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