Barbara Harris: Strange History of the Integratron and Giant Rock

Barbara Harris is the president of the Morongo Basin Historical Society and an expert on the history of the Joshua Tree/ Yucca Valley/ Landers area of the California high desert.

Most people who listen to Radio Misterioso know about flying saucer contactee George Van Tassel and his famous Integratron. What many might not realize is that when Van Tassel moved his family from Los Angeles in the early 1950s, he didn’t just pick the desert at random. His friend Frank Critzer told him about the area and carved out an 800 square foot living space underneath one of the world’s largest freestanding granite boulders. In contrast to his reputation as a retiring hermit, Critzer also graded the roads and built an airstrip to encourage visitors. Critzer was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer (probably not true) and may have provided support to Japanese families hiding from arrest and internment camps during WWII. Barbara expanded on all of this, busted a quite a few myths and revealed much new information publicly for the first time during our interview, which lasted over two hours.

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