Paul Kimball – Creativity and Synchronicity

RM friend and supporter Paul Kimball returned for a live appearance on June 5th. Walter Bosley was also with us as we talked about our writing projects, the creative process, and tried (without success) to stay away from the UFO subject. The after a few minutes, we seemed to hit a groove and the conversation ranged from Paul’s favorite L.A. authors to the origins of and interaction with non-human intelligence, as well as movies we like. We also touched on Paul’s opinions of some trends (or lack thereof) in the UFO field. We kept returning to the theme of Kimball’s recent run of coincidences and/ or synchronicities and whether they were purely internal, external or recursive with perceived reality (or all three.)

Another important theme was the Very Sad Monkey and whether he was actually sad or just having a bad day.

Opinions expressed by our guests are theirs and may not reflect those of the show or the server on which it resides or whomever.


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