Supergroup: Ecker/ Kimball/ Bosley

Two friends traveled to the studio to join Walter and I for a long (2.5 hour) conversation that ranged far. Don Ecker is best known as the research director for UFO Magazine in the 1990s. He currently hosts Dark Matters Radio, which airs weekdays from 10-midnight PST at Cyberstation USA. Paul Kimball returned for his fourth appearance on the show. Film writer/ producer Paul is probably best known to our audience from his film Best Evidence: The Top 10 UFO Sightings, and his website The Other Side Of Truth.

All of us are currently associated with the Paracast program in various roles as occasional guests or co-hosts. Walter is involved in a small controversy on the Paracast community forums, which we discussed last week, and should be posted soon.

The rare face-to-face meeting of thoughtful minds who are all interested in the paranormal gave me an excuse as a host to guide the conversation to areas that I wanted to hear about, such as Don’s stories about middle eastern jinns, Paul’s journey from confirmed skeptic to near-believer during the filming of his latest TV series on ghosts, and Walter’s experiences in the Air Force and FBI. Praise and scorn was also heaped on various personalities in the UFO field.

The show was a lot of fun, Walter brought pizza, I brought beer, and we hope you enjoy the show.

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