Miles Lewis: ELF Infested

It is amazing that the name S. Miles Lewis does not come up more often in paranormal circles. In the time I have known Miles, he has been a magazine editor, served on the boards of Austin MUFON and the Institute For Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, founded the Anomaly Archives and created a host of webmedia outlets though his Elfis Network.

On November 15th we talked about how we first met, my UFO hoax on Miles and our friends in the late 1990s, his magazine Elf Infested Spaces, the work of filmmaker David Lynch,  and Lewis’ other influences and inspirations. We also discussed the possibility of a sort of unifying principle for the experience of the anomalous.

The Radio Misterioso page, as well as the Excluded Middle site is hosted and archived by Miles, so I can’t help but give him a big “thanks” for the unwavering support over these many years.

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