Richard Sarradet: The Quiet Researcher

Richard has been a friend for 15 years. We were plunged into the government / UFO quagmire at the same time, meeting a man who told us he was from Naval Intelligence and who related increasingly strange stories about what the authorities knew, and were keeping from the public. Richard has continued his study and contacts with government operatives, but is interested in the scenario for personal reasons, quietly working his way into areas that most never hear about. On May 31st, he came into the studio to share some of his insight with the Radio Misterioso audience.

We began the interview with a background on Richard’s life, growing up in New Orleans, a stint in the Army as an artillery officer, and a move out to Los Angeles, where he became a major cast member of the soap opera General Hospital for three years. He then moved into film production and worked on writing and pitching UFO-themed programs in the late 1980s through the mid ’90s, but he’s also been deeply involved in the subject in ways that few ever allow themselves to become.

After some background intros, we moved to a discussion of the UFO enigma itself, and how there are no simple, sound-bite answers, which segues into a “what does the Government really know” discussion with speculation that may surprise you, as well as a an aside about AFOSI agent Richard Doty and his role in the Paul Bennewitz affair.

One of the questions that are asked of those who pursue Government agents is “If they lie so much, why do you bother talking to them?” Richard answers this one eloquently, and in a way only someone who has been playing “the Game” for years can.

This show meant a lot to me personally.  I was allowed to talk with two people (Richard and former AFOSI Agent Walter Bosley) who have looked at the government secrecy problem from a sophisticated point of view that is almost never discussed in public. There were some important clues on this show. Maybe too many.

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