Pamela Stonebrooke: Reptilian Encounters

I hesitated putting up this interview, because it’s one of the least professsional ones that ever aired on Radio Misterioso.

At that time, Pamela Stonebrooke was a close friend, and my skeptical filter was out the window. For those who don’t know or remember, Pamela was (in)famous in ufological circles for her stories of sexual encounters with reptilian aliens, which she claimed to enjoy. For my part, I was willing to suspend my disbelief and at least accept that she believed her own accounts. Pamela was an update on the vintage contactee of the 1950s, with a post-modern twist.

She was also a former model and at the time was pursuing a singing career. At the time of our interview, she had released one CD, and was gigging in nightclubs around L.A.

On this program, we talked about her encounters, adventures with outsider physicist Jack Sarfatti, and read off a list of keywords that were guaranteed to make the NSA take an interest. We also played a couple of tracks off her CD Experiencer, and Pamela performed a Billie Holliday song live.

The last I heard from Pamela, she was in Houston with someone she had met online and had decided to move after visiting him.

The interview was recorded on June 3rd of 2001.


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