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There are upwards of 100 old Radio Misterioso shows in my archives (basically a drawer in the extra dresser) dating back to when the program was actually broadcast on pirate radio station KBLT in Los Angeles from 1997 to 1999. From time to time I will be digitizing and posting some of these “classic” shows.


UPDATE! Shows from 2005 to 2008 at

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  1. Bill Thuther says:

    New listener. I have heard and read your – Greg Bishop’s – work on other podcasts and sites. EXCITED to listen to the original source.



  2. Mathew McKenzie says:

    Greg, my wife and I have been fans of the program for years now. It’s great to hear that you’re making this stuff available. You even motivated me to get off my stingy ass and make a donation!

    And the next time we’re in SoCal, we’ll take you out for sushi. You pick the place, we’ll pick up the tab.

    • Greg says:


      Thanks so much for the donation!! I’m still amazed that anyone bothers to give money to the show. I guess I just had to ask.
      Please come out and visit soon. You don’t have to pick up the tab, but this place kicks ass (It’s not sushi though! Maybe it’ll have to be 2 dinners.)

      Thank you again and glad you like the show.

  3. Jim Parks says:

    I had the bad luck to discover your program just before your site experienced all the difficulties. I am glad to see you back up and running. I am very interested to hear the shows from the old days. I missed out on the ‘zine days and all that. I heard somewhere that you and a couple of your cohorts were the inspiration for the Lone Gunman on the X-Files. Is this true. If not, it’s a good story. Which Lone Gunman do you think you would be? I like the laid-back nature of your show, the spontaneity, and the humor. I can’t take much of any of this stuff seriously, but I find it all very entertaining — seriously!

    — Jim

    • Greg says:


      Thanks for listening, even if you don’t take it seriously. I’m slowly posting old shows–just use “archives” from the tag cloud in the right column.

      Kenn Thomas actually started the rumor that he, Robert Sterling, and I were the inspiration for the Lone Gunmen show. At least I think he did. Maybe it’s true. I used to know someone who worked on the X-Files who told me that the writers had my zine in their office, so who knows? The character who was the most skeptical would probably be me.

      Thanks Jim and keep listening!


  4. Bill Burt says:

    Hi Greg,
    You Always continue to have a great list of shows you do Live or put up from the cassette archives. It’s pretty bad when I HAVE to do 2-3 shows to satisfy my Bishop fix, but then have to download 3-4 more for the following day, just in case my connection messes up for unknown reasons? Carry On Greg. Your much appreciated in WI.
    I need to send some spare change out your way!


    • Greg says:

      Thanks for the support, Bill. Sometimes I think I might stop doing the shows, but then I realize that some people actually enjoy them!

  5. Deb Sturgeon says:

    I am interested in your radio shows with Rosemary Ellen Guiley regarding the Djinn. On her sight she has posted your comment regarding her book “The Vengeful Djinn” March 2011. In her responding comment, she refers to radio shows done with you months prior and one that she will be doing with you on April 7, 2011. If you are able to digitize those shows, they would be nice to hear. Thanks

  6. Ed Feltch says:

    After hearing a few of your archived shows,I can hear how the Paracast was influneced by your show.Awesome to hear Bill Moore on your show,his stature will never be rightly perceived,ufology was dead until his arrival in 1978.Hope to hear or read him for a long time to come. Thanks.Ed Feltch

  7. Intelligences says:

    Hi :

    I’m one of the people who knew Ted Owens (PK Man).
    I’m under intense surveillance because of my contacts with Ted and these “Space Intelligences” since 1973 when I was specially involved in an “operation” to end the totally senseless U$/U$$R War in/over SE Asia.
    SI’s can drastically effect Weather to prevent human destruction of Earth.
    If Ya ever want to do an interview, please give me an email, considering that the same surveillance and occasional intimidation may be placed into your life as it is in mine.
    (countless Mystery phone calls, unusual “neighbors”, vandalism, arson, guilt mongering by News, etc)

  8. nick says:

    Your archives aren’t showing up for some reason. I love the show, keep it up.

  9. Morgan R. says:

    Yes we would definitely appreciate you continuing the show. It’s a breath of fresh air for me to listen to a show where I don’t know more about an esoteric subject than the host, lol. I have been listening for about a year and enjoy every show and have probably listened to most several times. Keep up the great work, my friend. It is appreciated.

  10. Johnny Cups says:

    On BOA, I’ve heard you mention shows you did with Jim Moseley. I don’t see that they are available in the archives. Will you be making any of the Moseley material available?

    Like your show & also like listening to you and Binnal yammer. But it’s a good kind of yammering.

  11. zebra or the logos says:

    where’s the KBLT shows!?

    • Greg says:

      They are for the most part on cassettes. There were not so many interviews in those days. I did about 80-90% music.

  12. zebra or the logos says:

    Hey Greg,

    Do you have a top 5 or so books you might recommend to beginners?

    • Greg says:

      My top 5 (if you’re listening to this show, you don’t need to start with basics) are:
      “Operation Trojan Horse” by John Keel
      “Messengers of Deception” by Jacques Vallee
      “Grand Illusions” by Greg Little
      “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” by Rick Strassman
      “The New Inquisition” by Robert Anton Wilson

      These are highly personal choices, and there are many others which affected me. More basic are probably “Passport To Magonia” by Vallee, “The Humanoids” edited by Charles Bowen, and “Visionaries, Mystics, and Contactees” by Salvador Freixedo.

  13. zebra or the logos says:

    How about a roundtable discussion on psychedelics and ufos/paranormal/consciousness?

  14. zebra or the logos says:


    Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate the book list. I don’t know, as few seem to be exploring what many consider to be a link. The people I would suggest are all common names: Dennis Mckenna (experiment at La Chorrera), Rick Strassman and Graham Hancock. I have asked questions on various forums as to who is looking at this stuff and haven’t come up with much more. I think those guys are great and you’d probably have a wonderful conversation with them but I wonder if, perhaps, the best input might come from enthusiasts and more underground researchers.

    I come from more of a entheogenic background and I find that researchers in that field are quite leery of discussing the perceived overlaps with the paranormal/occult/Ufology side of things. It seems like the same could be true from Ufology as many are reluctant to discuss drugs or alternate states of consciousness. To me, I think this could be a way to resuscitate Ufology or, at the very least, provide a unique vantage point to view the associated phenomena.

    Adam Gorightly, RPJ and Burnt State are all obvious picks but there must be others… There is, also, a guy named Kevin Booth who was a friend of Bill Hicks’ and they were together for what they called “the harmonic convergence of 1987” or the infamous mushroom trip and shared UFO sighting. He’s written a book called “Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution” that reportedly provides a thorough retelling of this experience. I haven’t read the book nor do I know anything more about Booth..

    A thread I started at the Paracast on this topic and detailing one of my own experiences:

  15. Adam Gorightly says:

    Greg, if you post a lost show, well, I guess you found it, then.

  16. Bob Davis says:

    I’d be happy to appear as a guest on your show. I am a retired neuroscientist, member of the FREE, and have just written a book on Life after Death. We can discuss the book as well as the latest results from our study of contact experiencers with the UAP

    Thank you

  17. Mark says:

    Hi Greg

    Is the link still active for the Peter Jordan interview?

    Thank you


  18. AndyCapp says:

    Where are u? The masses need you and need new episodes

  19. Rusty says:

    Hi Greg,
    Most importantly, I hope all is well with you!
    ….but, Halloween just wasn’t the same without your wonderful eclectic Halloween song compilation show!!
    All your shows are sorely missed!
    So, I’ll join a long list of devoted listeners pleading for the return of your shows!
    I for one, will be happy to pay for a subscription, if thats an issue…?
    Happy Halloween,

  20. Wade Boman says:

    Hi, Greg. My name is Wade Boman. I’ve been working on my website, Wider Truth ( for about a year now. I just came across your name and work by listening to the 2009-11-01 episode of The Paracast, where you guys are paying homage to Mac Tonnies. I’m going to add your show to my “Podcasts” page (it includes video shows and radio shows too) and link to it. I’m glad to hear you’re still putting out shows.

  21. Jonathan Neuhaus says:

    The much vaunted albeit short lived return…

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