Stanton Friedman – Recollections

Lifetime researcher Stanton T. Friedman passed away on May 13, 2019 after over 50 years of writing and lecturing. He was the public face of UFO study for those who knew little about the subject, and a mentor, inspiration, and guru for many inside the sometimes strange world of UFO conventions and gatherings, many of which he headlined. He earned the trust of those on many sides of the issue for his honesty and forthrightness, and was unfailingly thoughtful and polite to all, no matter what disagreements were present.

On February 18 of 2018, I recorded an interview with Friedman in an unused room at the International UFO Congress. In this conversation, he recalled his childhood and love of the Dodgers and Jackie Robinson, and his college and early career as a nuclear physicist for a variety of aerospace companies. He even described a job for McDonnell Douglas which he said assigned him to “figure out how flying saucers worked” but was unfortunately cancelled for budgetary reasons.

Friedman explained his philosophy that “technological progress comes from doing things differently in an unpredictable way,” and ended the interview with his observation that since (as he believed) extraterrestrial civilizations have been able to survive any growing pains to reach us, this strengthened his hope that the human race can do the same.


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9 Responses to Stanton Friedman – Recollections

  1. Paul Kimball says:

    Stan was a humanist, a progressive, a rationalist, and an optimist, a good, decent man who abhorred nationalism and thought as a global citizen (he had much in common with his old college classmate, Carl Sagan, when it came to a general outlook on the world)… which made him a very strange fit for the more toxic brand of ufology that has evolved over the past three decades or so, and which has lately has spilled out into the broader culture.

    He will be missed.


  2. Adam Gorightly says:

    That was a great interview.

  3. What a great discussion you both had. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. john says:

    in the first 3 minutes i learned 3 things about Stanton Friedman that i had never heard before. well done!

  5. awdsmirk says:

    Who knew Stan was a ‘guest star’ in the Archie Comics in the late 90s?! There’s a recent NYT article that has an image of Stan’s caricature in the comic. I never knew I wanted to be immortalized in a comic until this! RIP Stan.

  6. Tom says:

    Was surprised to see the ufo expert and author pop up on Unidentified talking about Doty! Would love to hear about how that came about.

  7. T. A. Crowell says:

    Greg please do an episode on Will Jima and to whatever may have happened to him. His self published 1974 LP The UFO Message is a creepy classic. Thanks.

  8. Corvinus says:

    Stanton Friedman really was a treasure who, in my opinion, was unfairly maligned in some corners of the UFO groupie crowd – especially those corners of the field that have taken up the “it’s all consciousness, man” mantra that has become the vogue in the last 5 or 10 years.

    I found this interview and all the talk of his work in industry fascinating. I could listen to these kinds of ‘old timer’ stories for hours and it’s a shame more people didn’t get into this subject in interviews with him. Kudos to Greg for going there as well as choosing this piece as a tribute – I found it to be far more fitting than any of the typical stuff about Roswell, MJ-12 etc.

    My own Stan ‘encounter’ was by proxy via one of Tim Binall’s holiday specials. I had the honor of having one of my questions read and he commented about agreeing with some point that i made as a part of that question. I was a great moment for me despite being rather a rather modest thing.

    May he rest in peace and I hope that he got at least an answer or two for his trouble in the next life.

  9. Peter says:

    I am not on facebook and just wanted to check that Greg was ok as nothing has come up on my podcast feed for a while.

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