David Perkins Pt. 2 – Cattle Mutilations as Gaia

Another visit to David Perkins’ home, another interview. Perkins has been studying the mutilation phenomenon longer than perhaps anyone in the world. Starting in the mid-1970s, he was performing field investigations and writing up his findings. Noted mutilation researcher and author Chris O’Brien considers David his mentor and guru in the field (and the next post will feature both of them together in conversation.)

This time, David decided to posit a premise that we could kick around: “The paranormal is a key to understanding consciousness and cattle mutilations are the key to understanding the paranormal.” We explored the permutations of this idea, and how science is beginning to recognize the role of the observer and the participation of consciousness in maps and conceptions of reality. In a wider sense, the Gaia hypothesis contends that the Earth can be seen as a conscious being, and David proposed that one of the ways that the planet is trying to wake us up to environmental damage is though an “unrecognized natural force” that may be behind the mutilation phenomenon. We also discussed mutilations and other aspects of the paranormal as “memeplexes” and how pervasive ideas begin, mutate, and propagate.

Always fun to kick around radical ideas with a seasoned researcher and deep thinker such as David Perkins, but as he says, don’t worry, because “everything I say is a provisional theory.”


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  1. pretty fascinating! Yes the word “God” is from the Indo-European root of Gott as Go – meaning Bull just as Brahman (God) also means Bull. So the wild bull was worshiped since it took so long to domesticate. Archaeologists call it the “symbolic revolution” – meaning then with plow-based farming you have rectilinear geometry that is anthropocentric – so patriarchy with the illusion that geometry can be “contained” as infinity. This led to “squaring of the circle” as ritual origin of geometry (to make chariot wheels – expansion as the plague of the god). Then catapults, canons, rockets, etc. So a good book on that is “Ecological Imperialism” – professor Alfred Crosby. I actually did a master’s degree on radical ecology and sound-current nondualism. So another good book is professor David F. Noble, “The Religion of Technology.”
    So yeah the cattle mutilation, radiation testing, GAia tulpa biophotons. Indeed – qigong masters have been tested to slow down the decay rate of gamma radiation (qigong master Yan Xin) and to increase gamma radiation as a byproduct of their healing. Qigong master Yan Xin calls his healing a “virtual information field.” So the way that biophotons can create Tulpas is due to light having “relativistic mass.” See Nobel physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft on the microblack holes of reality – his article “Light is Heavy” – yeah so when we close our eyes then we “turn the light around” and store up the biophotons that are normally emitted – and the storage is a coherent laser. So, I’ve discussed this with Nobel physicist Brian Josephson (who enabled MRI machines with is Josephson Junctions creating SQUIDs) – he also practices qigong regularly with a colleague at Cambridge.

    So Stanford Linear Accelerator Center figured out the secret – Eddie Oshins in particle. But then math prof. Louis Kauffman continued this – I corresponded with him. These guys were connected to SRI remote viewing stuff also a bit. But it’s all to do with “noncommutative geometry.” So Western math is symmetric math – ever since Zoroastrian and Vedic logic – and then the Greek Miracle. It’s all Symmetry as commutative logic. But nonwestern music theory found in all human cultures – it’s actually noncommutative phase logic. That’s the empirical truth. It got covered up by Plato, Archytas, etc.

    So Louis de Broglie rediscovered this noncommutative phase logic with his Law of Phase Harmony. The key point here is that “entropy” as measured by science is actually a byproduct of the symmetric math! Check out Albert Bartlett, physics professor lecture on youtube, “arithmetic, population and energy.” He gave the SAME lecture over 1000 times his whole life. The destruction of ecology is due to logarithmic math with its inverse exponential function.

    So we think science is “objective” but it’s actually a religion based on symmetry – and the Alpha and Omega is the Cow/Bull horns. So the upside down bull horns is the alpha and omega symbol as God/Brahman. Anyway so now we’ve destroyed ecology that converts solar radiation via quantum nonlocal photosynthesis – the pigments in nature like melanin and magnesium in chlorophyll – they convert UV radiation and cosmic radiation into electrochemical energy. So this stores up the carbon to maintain life on Earth – but we think the “heat” is entropy since we did not understand that actually ecology is based on quantum non-local energy.

    But this is just the past 10% of human biology history while our first 90% was based on the San Bushmen original human culture – with the nonwestern music as the core to N/om energy. This is psychic spiritual holographic energy enabling transmutation of elements – Tulpas or “Yang shen” – the golden alchemical body. So actually it was a sin to “Hoard the N/om” since the males did the spiritual training to then heal the females and then also to hunt to feed the females meat for iron. The females are the original healers as synchronized with the moon via the pineal gland.

    So this is all about losing contact with the Lunar synchronization via the pineal gland that is the electrogravitic transducer of reality (relativistic quantum reality). Spacetime is curved at 2 centimeters – the pineal gland. So CIA mind control scientist Dr. andrija Puharich figured all this out. I corresponded with Dr. Michael Persinger about this – he replied that Puharich was “greatly underappreciated.” that was 2005 or so.

    Thanks for the great podcast – this was probably my favorite since you didn’t shy away from the ecological crisis. I was just corresponding with Dr. Manuel Garcia Jr. about this. He published on global warming a lot but he was a physicist for Lawrence Livermore doing underground nuclear bomb tests. Yes I know that the big black equilateral triangle craft are “nuts and bolts” – Michael Shratt’s recent research has corroborated what I saw up close – so close I could have hit it with a rock, 1997. But at the same time that craft does have antigravity technology.

    Will it “save” the ecological crisis? No – the purpose of the military is not to “save” Mother Nature as the military is the biggest polluter on Earth. No our situation is due to left brain/right hand dominance. Again we “think” science is objective but the symmetric logic is just a cover-up of the left-brain right hand dominance that goes against the left-handed amino acids and right brain dominance of ecology.

    I did a free pdf that goes into more details, “The Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music: How paranormal sonofusion subverts the matrix conspiracy.” It’s online. Docdroid. But that was before I crystallized the noncommutative phase logic. You can watch Fields Medal math professor Alain Connes lecture on quantum music of the spheres for the details of the noncommutative phase music logic that is the secret to the unified field reality. It’s a simple as the Octave, Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth (only not the symmetric, logarithmic, equal-tempered Western tuning).

    • David Perkins says:

      Wow … very impressive! A lot to unpack there, but I’m working on it. Have patience. I’m basically a rock and roll guitar player attempting to operate way above my pay grade.

      • yes thank you David Perkins for reading my blog. I try not to make money so I can be a professional youtube pontificate. all humans use the octave, perfect fifth, Perfect fourth music intervals (only the Wester turned them into logarithmic-based math, the Greek Miracle). so time used to be logical inference – we can’t see the 5th dimension. I did see ghosts when I did daoist meditation/Pythagorean based on this secret of complementary opposites. G=3=F at the same time (subharmonic/overtones). This is NOT allowed in Western science (except noncommutative phase, the most advanced relativistic quantum). Pretty funny – huh? Very funny indeed.

        So the Daoist chinese alchemy is based on the Moon as the “root tonic” – menstruation has always been tied to the Bull – first Eland Bull, then Bison – and this Lunar connection got lost. Original Sin is the Moon as bull/cow music healing. This got covered up with the creation of patriarchy/plow/containment of time as closed geometry.

        The methane bomb is going off right now! no one knows about this. 3 million years of methane is pressurized in the arctic – biggest ocean shelf in the world – East Siberian Arctic Shelf. It will double global warming – probably this fall 2019. Then it will be too hot to grow food since the interior plains (food) are 5 degrees warmer than the global average.

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