Chris Lambright II – More On Paul Bennewitz, Secret Laser Research, and The Socorro Incident

Chris Lambright has written one of the only other books (besides mine and one by Greg Valdez) that deals with aspects of the Paul Bennewitz saga, which deal with issues of UFO researchers and what the military will do to misdirect attention. For this second round with Chris, we went a little more into depth about this period in history, discussing what the mysterious objects that Bennewitz photographed might have been, and what the Air Force and others at Kirtland Air Force Base might have been testing. We also delved into the weird orange balls of light that multiple witnesses observed in the Bennewitz home, and the possible technology behind them.

We also went more into depth on the story of John Lear and his sudden appearance on the UFO scene in the mid 1980s, and his immediate impact on research. Chris pointed out his history with the CIA and their covert operations under cover of “Air America” during the Vietnam era in Laos and other countries.

Finally, we talked about his longstanding and detailed research into the famous Socorro incident as well as how some of these threads that reach back to the 1980s and ’90s can be found in the present activities of To The Stars Academy and those associated with it.


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4 Responses to Chris Lambright II – More On Paul Bennewitz, Secret Laser Research, and The Socorro Incident

  1. This must be the “Kevin Kramer” that Chris is referring to:

    Antimatter-initiated microfusion: Direct energy conversion for propulsion applications
    AIP Conference Proceedings 608, 787 (2002);
    Kevin J. Kramer 1,2 and Gerald A. Smith 3

  2. The Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (LIFE) concept is being designed to operate as either a pure fusion or hybrid fusion-fission system. The present work focuses on the pure fusion option. A key component of a LIFE engine is the fusion chamber subsystem. It must absorb the fusion energy, produce fusion fuel to replace that burned in previous targets, and enable both target and laser beam transport to the ignition point. The chamber system also must mitigate target emissions, including ions, x-rays and neutrons and reset itself to enable operation at 10-15 Hz. Finally, the chamber must offer a high level of availability, which implies both a reasonable lifetime and the ability to rapidly replace damaged components. An integrated design that meets all of these requirements is described herein.

  3. FOTOCAT: WORLDWIDE CATALOGUE OF UFO … – Ignacio Darnaude…ovnis/Fotos%20OVNI%20Catalogue,V.J.B.Olmos.XLS

    Wendelle Stevens and August Roberts, UFO Photographs Around the World, 1985. ….. MEX, FILM, Ray Stanford, 150, photographs from airplane, *, Ray Stanford. … Auguste Meessen, Inforespace, 110, June 2005, pp 3-55; and 111, …. W.H. Lehn, Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, Vol 42, 1980, pp 471-475.

    Chris is referring to physics professor Auguste Meesen

  4. Phil-in-Louisiana says:

    I listened to the first third of this last night.

    Regarding The Far Side… there’s a particularly apt panel that was titled “Primitive UFO’s.” I think I linked to it here once and tried to have it as my avatar-image in the comments. I don’t remember right now. I’m kinda Low Energy right now because I went to Houston last week and got run over by the Head Cold Truck, but it should be easy to find by searching in google images.

    30-40 years later that single panel is more insightful (and funnier) than 90%+ of the UFO books that have been written in the meantime.

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