Mike Clelland: The Owl Man

Over the past few years, by design or just by his continuous delving into the connection between anomalous experiences with apparent nonhuman entities and a certain nocturnal avian, Mike Clelland has become informally known in UFO circles as “The Owl Man.” Mike was staying at the house for a few days and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to have him as an in-studio guest.

He was in town to give a lecture on ultralight backpacking (which was knows enough about to have written an authoritative book.) For the first 11 minutes, we actually talked about that subject as well as how to construct in igloo before getting into the subjects at hand. We opened with a few little-known facts about Kenneth Arnold (who had a pet owl and was a huge fan of Charles Fort, and experienced mysterious orbs floating around his home.)

He told me the little known issue that many, if not all abductees have a specific number that is special to them, and that is apparently “assigned” during their experiences. We talked about problems with abduction research, of which I am a little more critical than Mike, but then I am not in the middle of that world, and it was valuable to hear his perspective. Our mutual friend, the late Mac Tonnies, suggested that Mike visit as many researchers as possible and see how they differed in their approaches. Among people with unexplained experiences, this is rare.

Mike also discussed his own years of anguish while he tried to figure out what was happening to him, and how the ultimate answer to the enigma may simply be the reconciliation of the personal experience, even if there is no answer to be found for UFO researchers. Mike’s newest book is Stories From The Messengers.


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  1. Brilliant interview! I didn’t know so many abductees had a thing for numbers and syncs. But, somehow I am not that surprised. My numbers are 11 11 and 23 23. Always in waves and I’ve seen them as a guidepost so to speak along the path. I’ve written about this on my blog. Mike and I did a radio show together where he asked if I was an abductee, and I honestly don’t know, but this is another little interesting clue for me to mull over.

    Love Mike’s stuff and of course the Owls. Great shows Greg! Keep them coming!

  2. Tim Baird says:

    The “door” in mikes regression session might represent death and the owl is the symbol of death in many cultures symbolizing the trancience of death into another experience.

  3. Mike Clelland says:

    From Mike C!
    I mentioned a song at the end of the episode, and I stumped the internet!
    Greg, here it is…
    Frenchy by Link Wray (1964) https://hiddenexperience.podbean.com/mf/web/m5474d/2-13_Frenchy.m4a

  4. parawanders says:

    Loved the show Greg and Mike!

    Just a comment on that *strobing* object. I have had over 20 observations of that *object* and it is certainly no Iridium Satellite glint. About 90% of the time, it comes from the North and Cruises to the East (20 miles or so) and heads back North.

    Light/Object size is about the magnitude of the North Star when slightly pulsing and moving. The pulsing is about 1 second with several seconds of nothing and appears dim and white. After 2-5 cycles of the dim white, there is a *warm* incandescent glow to the brightness of Venus for about 1 second. Often, after this *warm* glow, the strobe flash (so bright, it nearly hurts) will occur, and the cycle starts over.

    The path appears to be a giant U-Turn, with the object following the main local highway, turning at the railroad tracks to go East, and I have no idea where it turns back North.

    Characteristics noted:
    1. Sighted when air traffic overhead is near non-existent.
    2. Observed a *Response Strobe* (Point flash one place and then another) from a nearby location when a single plane was crossing. They both disappeared from any normal path of travel.
    3. Speed is airplane like.

    I discovered records similar to this object in the Northern Central Valley (Calif.) and Tennessee.

  5. Charles Topham says:

    Excellent show from you two …
    You asked, ‘who has a pet owl’ ??
    I did, he was a Tawny and his name was Sparkie, he was one of the funniest pets I’ve had, I’m sure he was psychic in the way that cats often seem to be ?

    One thing that needs looking at and mulling over is the hunch, the impulse or the push to be in a certain place at a particular time, or the sudden compelling urge to look up ..in UFO cases or when other phenomena manifest.

    I’ve experienced it since I was very young and it would always lead to a sighting, in later years the compelling feeling which overrides all else at the moment would lead to a psychic event, an apport in my case.

    What goes on ?? Where in the body is that feeling centered ??

    In 2013 I had a text book incident .. awakened from sleep and WIDE awake, opened the bedroom window and dozens of owl calls on the roofs opposite and the one above me.
    I went outside and walked on to a local hill site, this was now three a.m and very mild .. a light rose vertically half a mile away, split in to two and the two halves disappeared in opposite directions.
    This last year … same thing, compulsion to go out in the garden and look at the hills near me, there was a similar light and it felt sentient and it knew I was there.
    To be honest I don’t care any more .. these things always bring polt activity in to my life and I’m too old to be bothered !!

    Mike … I feel your leanings towards ‘consciousness ‘ are the right way to go .. Oh yes, I wish you’d do a podcast on light camping and so on… all my spare time is spent in the woods 🙂
    Great audio too … thank you both

  6. What a great interview. So much of it resonated with me. +1 on the blog therapy and numbers. I almost lost myself to the synchronicity also. Glad to hear Jeff Ritzmann mentioned as he is another important voice.

  7. Katie says:

    very nice story of Mike, the owl man. It’s very inspiring.

  8. Nathan Gant says:

    Recent video record of orb with owl hooting at:


    Noise from owl beginning at 1:51, but I’m sure this was outside and natural.

  9. gheron93 says:

    Really great to hear from Mike. I miss his excellent Hidden Experience conversations. I first came across Mike through my practice of ultralight backpacking and was so surprised when Owl Mike and Backpacking Mike turned out to be the same person! I am an experiencer of something and feature briefly in Mike’s first book. I haven’t read the second book yet, so I don’t know if I make an encore :).

    One of my strongest childhood memories (I would have been no older than 7) is a waking one morning after a dream and being struck by an absolutely certainty that I had had this dream before, once a year for every year of my life. The strangeness of this memory and the fact that it has struck with my so strongly has always seemed significant to me. The subject of the dream? A door between my room and somewhere else. Not another room in my house, but another place entirely!

  10. Recently unearthed anagram: “Mike Clelland Owl Wisdom”->”Wields Well Om Mind Cloak.”

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