Charles Topham: Psychic Questing and Apported Objects

Charles Topham has nothing to sell, no book to promote, not even a website. He simply has an interesting story with implications for all who look to the interactive relationship between human activity and consciousness and the vast subject we call “the paranormal.”

A few months ago, Miguel Romero (aka “Red Pill Junkie”) wrote to tell me about Charles, and his story of “psychic questing,” which is a concept that is virtually unknown outside of the UK. The basic story is that from the late 1970s to sometime in the mid-to-late 1990s, small, private groups in Britain began meeting to use seances, ouija boards, and other methods in order to locate hidden objects of apparent historical importance, such as swords, precious stones, and documents. The practice is intimately connected with the rich history of English magic and folklore.

Miguel served as co-interviewer as Charles described his interest in UFOs and other out-there subjects from an early age, including apparent communications with non-humans by radio (a’la contactee George Hunt Williamson.) In the early 1990s, he formed a group with a few friends and began their own questing sessions, eventually establishing contact with an apparent entity calling itself “Addie,” who self-described as a young teenage girl of the Victorian era.

Addie began “apporting” objects to the group which responded to the whims of questions from different members, such as photos, books, divination cards, and even precious stones. When I asked Charles early on if there was any chance of fraud, he said “I didn’t see you there,” which was his way of saying “From outside the confines of the group, of course.” We discussed these issues and the fact that hoaxing or faking is an intimate part of much of these phenomena, but does not explain all of it, a concept that is admittedly difficult for some to accept.

I choose to listen without making sharp judgments. Things just seem more interesting that way, and whatever your beliefs, we hope you find Charles’ story worth hearing.

Image above: A Egyptian divination card that Charles says was apported during one of their sessions with “Addie,” and which recently formed the nexus of a personal synchronicity.


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14 Responses to Charles Topham: Psychic Questing and Apported Objects

  1. Very intriguing stuff! I have had a few apports, and I do think on a much smaller scale they have a common mechanism to the sudden appearance of spaceships or UFOs in our skies.

    Great show!

    • Charles Topham says:

      Hello there Susan
      thank you for the thumbs up and for the ‘great show’ !

      It made my day .. thank you.

      Our group was repeatedly shown apports in a playful way, it was if something had a playpen full of excitable kids and was trying to teach us something .. in a very lateral way of thinking.

      On hindsight there would appear to be some structure , some guidance in it all. I could be wrong but it does seem that way.

      By my own admission I AM an apport junkie, I saw all the third year school physics turned upside down, and that was just around a farmhouse table.

      It was so intense, so mind boggling that it’s taken me twenty years to assimilate the experiences, to put space inbetween them and explore any and all possibilities, they why’s and how’s etc etc … I’m no better off though 🙂 lol

      For me, an apport, a materialised UFO, consciousness and so on .. they are all related, interconnected and not always in a cause and effect way.. a causal seems to be more like it.

      once again … thank you !

  2. Martin says:

    How wonderful to revisit what was great memories, time and experiences. Each of us still to this day carry a little of Addie rug with us. Nice to hear you again Charles.

    • Charles Topham says:

      Martin !!
      Nice surprise 🙂
      I think that at one level we all had a part in being Addie, we sort of knew it at the time but it seems more so on hindsight ?
      Good to hear from you and thank you for the kind thoughts …

  3. Paolo says:

    Fantastic interview. I have always had so much time for Psychic Questing and the researchers involved.

    • Charles Topham says:

      Good morning Paolo ..
      thanks for that !! We don’t know each other but we probably have mutual friends … PQ is such a small world and even after all these years .. it’s still misunderstood and it’s significance to PSI , myth and initiation is undervalued.

      It’s also just fun to be in to 🙂

      Thanks for the thumbs up …

  4. Corvinus says:

    I’m not sure if it was that it seemed like the continuation of an unrecorded conversation or simply Mr. Topham’s style but this is one of the most non-linear interviews you’ve hosted…I found it hard to follow at times and it seemed like in a few cases there was more time spent on tangential lead up than the actual event or point being made! Still found it interesting…i found myself wanting to know quite a good bit more about some of the people and research mentioned.

    I have often said that the full implications of psi phenomena are not given anything close to the amount of consideration they are due as related to UFOs and other strange occurrences. PK and apports imply a fundamentally plastic universe where matter, energy, time and space are not at all what physics understands them to be. In light of this I can’t understand why there even needs to be a distinction between ‘nuts-and-bolts’ and the more ‘paranormal’ views of the UFO phenomena. Given a universe where psi is real the phenomena can simply materialize whatever it wants wherever and whenever it wants. And ultimately maybe that phenomena is us in some way that we cannot understand from our current perspective.

    One thing of interest here was Mr Topham’s mention of the fact that apports always occur when the players ‘weren’t looking’. This is an extremely interesting piece of the puzzle that I’ve noticed recurs over and over in a variety of ways. Having done some spoon bending experiments I can say that the effect happens when you essentially put the activity out of your mind for a brief moment. This ‘forgetfulness’ is also an element of sigil magick. In some types of physical activities, peak performance is achieved when you ‘get out of your own way’ and don’t consciously think about the steps involved.

    To me it implies that our mental state – specifically our attention – acts as a sort of block or valve of some sort to control the malleability of reality.

  5. Robert Brandstetter says:

    Really like the comment above…great insights especially regarding what happens when we put the focus out of our head, when we diminish our will.

    On a symchronistic side note, the last time I heard that closing song was with the group of people I used to ouija with back in the day.

    This episode made we wish we had continued that group to see where else it could have gone but when we all got threatened with death we called it quits. Ahh….ouija lore – there’s nothing quite like it.

    • Charles Topham says:

      Thank you for the comment Robert …

      In all my Ouija board shenanigans I was never told I would die, never threatened or anything like it … and I have no idea why ??

      Some of the reason we had the results we did was because we were following a pattern laid down before us, it was set up by previous people, Hunt Williamson and the Green Stone groups … left to our own devices it might have been different ?

      I love the Robyn Hitchcock version of the song .. I take it you were listening to the Pschedelic Furs ??


  6. Wayne Frostick says:

    I loved the show, having been involved with the psychic questing movement myself, the show really struck a chord with me. Charles is such an intelligent and insightful guest and his enthusiasm really comes across. It sounds like you have only just scratched the surface of the amazing stories that Charles has to tell, and I would love to hear further interviews with him discussing some of these in more detail!

    • Charles Topham says:

      Wayne …
      many thanks for the five star Amazon review !!!

      There are many more stories, not just mine but from the dozens of people that were involved over decades .. they still go on probably, it’s not all about the old days ???

      Radio Misterioso has many shows which throw light on PQ and PSi generally, it’s worth rooting around in the archives if you have the time??

      All the best


  7. Bill says:

    Not long before dropping by here at Radio Misterioso to see what’s up, I’d viewed a youtube vid about two Navaho Rangers, Jonathan Dover and Stanley Milford, Jr., who as law enforcement officers on the Navaho Reservation encountered all kinds of paranormal phenomena, including apports (which I’d previously thought of in terms of “materializations”). Anyway, they describe unsought paranormal activity, including apportations of coins that would fall to the ground and always wind up “heads”. One of the officers collected more than 60 coins that had materialized out of “thin” air, some of which he had witnessed. You can view their remarks on apports here:

    The entire vid is interesting, as these officers also describe encounters with shapeshifting skinwalkers, UFOs, orbs, bigfoot, etc. The first thirty minutes of their lecture makes clear that they were well-trained as law enforcement officers. They also mention that for some of the cases they requested the assistance of Bigelow’s group, as well as some US three-letter agency.

    So, in light of this, Mr. Topham’s testimony of requesting apports is something similar.

    • Charles Topham says:

      Dear Bill …
      great minds and all that !!

      I only discovered that documentary a few weeks ago and it was like being plugged in to the mains .. over here in the UK it’s 240v .. quite a shock when you get it :o)

      That documentary is more use to research than the Skin Walker film just out, it delivers straight out research with no drama and all investigated to the highest standards too, every incident investigated like a crime scene … it gives me hope.

      My father was a policeman and he was ex army … there’s a certain sort of humour that comes out of all that and the two Navaho rangers have it by the bucket load … I’d love to meet them.

      There are so MANY things in the presentation to assimilate, to try and comprehend and so on … it certainly bears watching once a week for a year I feel !!
      The apports they had followed them home … THAT intrigues me, psychic activity appears like a contagion at times, like a virus, polts follow people around from one house to another, the same sort of apport can too apparently ??
      Our apports as a group and all the others that came to me subsequently, rings, gemstones and crystals .. all were a gentle thing, there was never a poltergeist association with them … I admire the officers for their sense of calm because sometimes you have to take a deep breath when these things snowball ??

      Good hearing from you Bill, any more bits you’d like to pass on please contact Greg and he can pass them on maybe ??



    I saw a big black triangle craft so close I could have hit it with a rock! I didn’t dare take my eyes off it. There is no fuselage. Someone saw an insignia on the bottom and described it online. Someone else recognized it specifically as US space command – Airforce space innovation center out of colorado. Maybe these things are time traveling? Maybe they can morph through the 5th dimension? Enjoy my new “conversational” style blogbook on my own experiments into the ether. I have corresponded with quite a few relativistic quantum physicists about this stuff – Brian Josephson, Basil J. Hiley, and quite a few more. thanks.

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