Chris Lambright – X Descending, Paul Bennewitz, and the Air Force

I finally met Chris Lambright at one of the Dulce Base conferences in New Mexico this year. Chris has been a researcher since the late 1970s, and is one of those people who do some of the most interesting and important work in the background of the field, away from the celebrity status and TV shows, which is where I think some of the real insights can be found.

Chris has seen the infamous film from controversial UFO researcher Ray Stanford which is claimed to depict one of the clearest images ever captured of an unidentified flying object, and says that whatever it was bears a close resemblance to what a man named Paul Bennewitz was filming at Kirtland Air Force Base beginning in 1979. The Bennewitz story is the main subject of my 2006 book Project Beta. When there is new or overlooked information on the story, I am interested.

Chris says that tbe object in Stanford’s film closely resembles the work of scientist Leik Myrabo and his work in laser propulsion research, and says that Stanford received a visit from Myrabo, who looked at his evidence with interest before starting his project.

We also discussed the timeline of events in the Bennewitz story and how the picture presented in my book may need to be slightly revised based on Lambright’s findings as reported in his book X Descending. Chris is also one of the few people I have met who actually knew and spoke to Bennewitz . He also describes a strange interaction with infamous UFO researcher/ personality John Lear.

Some of the scientists Lambright has uncovered in his research have connections to recent developments in such projects as To The Stars. The interview will be continued!


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4 Responses to Chris Lambright – X Descending, Paul Bennewitz, and the Air Force

  1. I’m sorry for being “that jerk,” but this conversation was just as frustrating as the first time I’ve heard about X Descending on The Paracast.

    I need to take somebody’s word that they managed to accurately render both the footage of a deceased researcher (Bennewitz) whose material was ultimately lost, and the footage of another researcher (Stanford) whose material will more than likely be *also* lost once he passes away, because he refuses to reveal it to the public? And from this put 2 and 2 together and deduce these objects were propelled in the same manner as what Myrabo is working on?

    That’s like making a drawing of the infamous Holloman landing footage, and claim it is ‘evidence’ the landing was real.

    My inevitable reaction is to do what I’ve been doing with Stanford since it was obvious he would never budge and share whatever he has with us unworthy rubes: Disregard him and move on.

    • Greg says:

      1) Chris Lambright talked to Bennewitz about what he was seeing. He is one of the only people to do so, so I think he would have the best idea about what Bennewitz saw, or thought he saw, and what he captured on film.

      2) The images are not “lost,” they are reproduced in Lambright’s book, directly from the film images sent to him by Paul Bennewitz.

      3) He is the third person I have talked to who has seen Stanford’s footage. I would assume that three people who are not addle-headed believers saying they have seen the same thing could be relied on to give a reasonably accurate account. I certainly agree that Stanford’s attitude about releasing the film is depressing.

      4) Like much of UFO study, this involves a bit of speculation, and I am satisfied at least with the idea that what Bennewitz was filming could easily have been testing of a laser-based propulsion system. Kirtland was a center for laser research at the time, after all.

    Greg – have u seen the new “death bed confession” of a CIA alien encounter?
    Richard Dolan at his best!
    Part of the new Truth Embargo doc by Steve Bassett….
    What do you think? Is it like the other fake Phillip Corso stuff?

    • Greg says:

      Haven’t and probably won’t. I don’t know why anyone would be absolutely compelled to tell the truth just because they are dying. And their truth may not be anyone else’s.

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