Dean Radin – Can Science Examine Magic?

I have been following the work of Dr. Dean Radin for over 20 years. In that time, I have been privileged to interview him twice. His new book Real Magic will be released just after this show posts and for me, it is his best to date. Real Magic looks at the history of magic in western thought and practice, and suggests that we can legitimately examine issues and concepts formerly considered forbidden by science, such as manifesting thoughts, fulfilling wishes, and considering the relationship of consciousness to what we know as the physical world.

Radin almost became a concert violinist, but luckily for some of us, he decided to go into the sciences. We spoke about this artistic background and how it affects his research. As his career began to track into the study of parapsychology, Radin realized that there was (and still is) a great deal of prejudice in the academic and scientific communities surrounding the study of psychic phenomena and especially “magic,” although he senses that this is slowly changing. As he points out in the interview, if a system of inquiry does not explain everything in its world, then it is wrong or needs revision.

We discussed what might happen if magical effects were commonplace (he thinks it could  be more dangerous than the atomic bomb) and the idea that any other intelligence in the universe may be waiting for us to make some sort of telepathic contact before communicating with us at all. Radin also answered the question of “if we can control reality, why can’t I manifest gold and diamonds?” He also presented a model of the universe based on information and consciousness, and how to treat an individual who experiences psi functioning firsthand, and has their worldview turned upside down.


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5 Responses to Dean Radin – Can Science Examine Magic?

  1. John Randall says:

    This was an amazing discussion. I’m on my 3rd listen. I’ve often wondered if yogi practices, fasting, contemplation on the deeper subjects again have many correlation s with the grieving process, aka:the loss of a loved one, in many cases at least in my experience I stop eating, ponder the universe more deeply, cry a lot , and in turn creates an almost shamanic state where the you open yourself up to the universe, whether it be intentional or not. Looking forward to getting Mr. Radin’s book.

    • John – in Daoist training – the lungs are sadness. Lungs are also source of the yang qi – as deep vagus nerve energy, synchronized with the heart beat. This is called HRV – the parasympathetic to sympathetic ratio. For example Wim Hof’s wife committed suicide and so Wim Hof who had dabbled in yoga meditation – then had to turn to ice water submersion – in order to activate very deep breathing. So it’s proven that the ice water doubles the adrenaline as an extreme sympathetic nervous reaction. Then by holding the breath after exhale there is an opposite extreme or “parasympathetic rebound” of the vagus nerve – so a deep relaxation that stores up the energy as heat. It is an ionization of the neurohormones – the serotonin is turned into neurotransmitter since holding the breath after exhale causes the blood to flow into the brain. The brain, as the most important organ, gets the blood, when lack of oxygen. So then the pineal gland ionizes the energy – of the deep vagus nerve activation. I have the training details for free or just check out Wim Hof on youtube. So Compassion is deep lung energy plus the heart energy. In other words deep lung energy is courage instead of sadness.

  2. That manifestation story – I had that same thing happen. I was on this birding listserve and I recognized a friend from my ornithology class from 15 years ago – close to 20 years ago. Anyway since from my qigong training I am very eccentric – so I did not want to bother him. So I decided I wanted him to contact me. So then I went into full lotus yoga meditation and I built up the energy so I had strong electromagnetic force in the center of my brain. Then I sent the message for him to contact me. Then – after 2 hours of meditating – I checked my email. I had checked it before I meditated and when I checked it after – he had emailed me!! Now think about this – he had to decide to email me, look up my email address from the listserve – and we had absolutely no contact in 20 years. But then I made the mistake of telling him what had happened and he kind of freaked out about it. haha.

  3. John Randall says:

    Thank you voidisinyang for sharing your experience, the info, and the link. I’ll check it out.

  4. Tim Baird says:

    Love your show Greg! Just a thought but The synchronism story screams that he was being monitored and watched. Anyone else get that feeling? I would assume the consciousness aspect of the “other” is so critical to understanding (or controlling) this phenomena, that it’s a well guarded secret in intelligence/tech circles.

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