Nick Redfern – Throwin’ More Rocks At Roswell

In 2005, Nick Redfern released Bodysnatchers in the Desert to a storm of shock, controversy, and whining. It took the Roswell story and turned it on its head be suggesting that the events of 1947 were caused by the failure of diabolical experiment in aerospace medicine using balloons, advanced aircraft, and unfortunate human test subjects.

Last week, the sequel to that book The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing A Shocking And Sinister Secret was released. The volume takes the information presented in the first title and provides more evidence to suggest that human experimentation and use of sinister Japanese and Nazi experiments on “endurance” was utilized and covered up by the U.S. in the years just after WWII.

Nick talked about his original sources for the story, how it would have been highly unlikely for them to have collaborated, and more supporting evidence that has come to light in the last 12 years.  We also discussed how the facts of what was reported, or at least has become part of the story (the indestructible metal, the hieroglyphs, and the debris field) may have become confused or conflated by witnesses and investigators over the years.

The final word may never be forthcoming on this “creation myth” of modern UFO lore, but as we discussed on the program: 1) We have to look at the possibilities of what was likely and at least consider that there may be a mundane (albeit distasteful) story behind the Roswell incident, and 2) The UFO research community has hung too much of their modern credibility on this case, and this may make it impossible to look at it objectively.

Photo: Nick in Roswell, 2007.


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4 Responses to Nick Redfern – Throwin’ More Rocks At Roswell

  1. The horton flying Wing connection totally jives as the equilateral black triangle military craft that I saw up close in 1997 is still secret despite constantly being reported. I looked up the National UFO reporting center triangle sightings for my area – sure enough – the craft is regularly seen and often with other military craft accompanying it. Then someone saw this insignia on the craft and someone else realized it was exactly the same as this space research center in Colorado. So it makes sense that the Nazi-Tesla Horton triangle craft was tied to the Roswell balloon Unit 731 experiments.

    Glad to see Greg’s Project Beta book featured in the documentary got played on History channel (late night). I recorded it and watched it a couple times – showed it to a relative who has gobbled up the CIA military alien invasion propaganda – and the doc really made him realize he had been duped. haha.

    • Greg says:

      I have an idea that a lot of the black triangles are lighter-than-air craft. There are triangle and boomerang-shaped models. Not ALL of them, mind you, just the slow-moving ones. Although there is this 2013 article by my guest, Nick Redfern.

      I am glad and frankly surprised that anyone who had their mind made up on UFOs would have their mind changed by anything I wrote! What was the title of the documentary? It wasn’t Mirage Men, was it?

      • Hi Greg – thks for posting my comment and your reply. Yes it was Mirage Men which is a totally brilliant doc since, unlike other docs, it takes the approach of letting the “subjects” reveal themselves from the inside out.

        So as for that link – on the flying triangles – thanks. Yes Nick responded to an email I sent him about the 1952 sighting over 10 years ago. From the research I’ve done – there are so many amazing sightings of this equilateral no fuselage craft suddenly accelerating so fast. One sighting, I actually calculated their report to a Mach 9 speed. Then I realized others had also documented a Mach 9 speed on this craft.

        I literally could have hit this craft with a rock and when I looked at it – and heard the humming noise – my immediate impression was the craft looked very solid, and not lighter than air. I know you fly gliders …but all the sightings I’ve read of this craft seems to indicate its ability to hover and then take off so fast it basically just appears on the other side of the sky – or something like that. Also there is a strong red light in the center that powers the craft somehow.

        People have claimed this craft was tested at Area 51, etc. but when I read up on the reports – it is also very common to see this craft nearby military bases in the U.S. (i.e. Minot, etc.) and as I said – also accompanied by other military craft, and with the insignia.

        Yeah it was the “Space Warfare Center” insignia on Colorado – MysteriousUniverse did an article that I commented on.

        All I can say is – well maybe my blogspot is still archiveable – I deleted my blog. Nope but I just found this Amazing!

        Dang – I can’t get the article to load. Maybe cuz I use ad blocker. Let’s see –

        yeah it’s on youtube.

  2. Peter says:

    When listening to this episode I saw in Fortean Times no. 353 a picture connected with Kenneth Arnold of a “Flying Wing” shaped craft. According to Wikipedia at around the time of the Maury Island incident Arnold described for the first time that he saw this Flying Wing type craft as well with eight disks, rather than simply nine disks. A lot of online illustrations ignore this part of the story. Given the date and Nick’s hypothesis I wonder if there’s more to Arnold’s story.

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