Susan Demeter-St. Clair – Witness-Centered Anomalies Study

Susan Demeter-St.Clair came to my attention by way of the forthcoming book wherein we are both featured authors. Demeter-St.Clair argues that the high-strange aspects of UFO (and other) encounters, in addition to perceived psychic phenomena are the path to a more rich understanding of this part of human experience.

Susan can trace her own weird experiences back to childhood, and we spoke about her sightings of little figures that resembled elves, and her later perceptions of a wolf entity that seemed to comfort her. The encounters ended when she became a teenager and then came flooding back in the form of an unequivocal UFO sighting when she was 23 years old. She feels that this background helps her when interviewing witnesses, since she can empathize with their plight and put people at ease so more of their story can be told. We both agreed that researchers need to engage with the phenomenon in some way for any progress to be made.

She lamented the ghost research community’s fixation on the “DPH” (Dead People Hypothesis) which she thinks is just as limiting as the ETH (ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis) in the search for understanding and possible breakthroughs. We also talked about the late Jim Moseley and loss of his sense of humor in the UFO field. We also agreed that peer review in UFO study seems to consist mostly of online troll attacks.

Photo: Susan in Los Angeles at an exhibit on Alchemy.


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5 Responses to Susan Demeter-St. Clair – Witness-Centered Anomalies Study

  1. Thank you again for the great conversation. I enjoyed talking with you and exploring these subjects we both find so fun and fascinating. 🙂

  2. Sounds good Greg, let me know there is so much more that could be seriously discussed and with these subjects comedy gold too 🙂

  3. AJG says:

    How have I never heard of Susan before? This was a great interview, even though the more spiritualist aspects are a little outside my wheelhouse–deeply intriguing stuff. I’m playing catch-up on these, so I think I REALLY need to listen to the Ritzman show next. Thanks for allowing us to listen in on a great conversation!

  4. Duffy says:

    I absolutely LOVE that Susan brought up the DPH (dead people hypothesis) when talking about ghosts. It seems that people just assume spiritual phenomena has to be dead people, of course there’s plenty of things that could point to that being the case, but like with the UFO phenomenon we’re basically just guessing. I’ve had several pretty intense supernatural experiences, but I’ve always been open to the idea that they may be consciousness-based or related to the overall high strangeness or trickster side of all paranormal experiences.

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