MJ Banias – Paradigm Shift

I’ve been aware of MJ for a couple of years now, but on the occasion of the upcoming May release of UFOs – Reframing the Debate, a book in which we are both featured, we started to talk and decided an interview was inevitable.

F0r the first 20 minutes of the conversation, we actually discussed issues with my Co-creation hypothesis idea, and MJ pointed out some issues with my nascent theorizing. He correctly remarks that it attempts to bridge the gap between the ET hypothesis and the so-called Psycho-Social hypothesis of UFOs.

MJ is actually an investigator for MUFON in Canada and he discussed the value in talking to witnesses and the frustration he has with the organization, particularly the paperwork, which he sees as restrictive. We also delved into the idea that UFO study is philosophically different than other paranormal pursuits such as cryptozoology and ghost hunting in that the entities behind it (if there indeed are any) are in a different category. As he put it, “Aliens can take over the world, Bigfoot and ghosts cannot.”

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  1. VC says:

    This is another really good convo. I’ll have to listen to this a few times. IMO…The information theory is just that we co-created it with other humans “the collective” and how we interact to nature too, our tech, our internet/communication, etc. We’re not in nature so much anymore, so it’s no surprise Star Trek and ET will take-over.

    No doubt we are so dependent on other life forms and our planet to simply exist… not to mention the universe… that we have no choice but to be “the other” on some mysterious levels we cannot exist without. We can be rainmakers and move mountains. We should do a moon base with no military allowed…

    I’m going to give you the super idea Greg… the seeds are in our genes… the discoveries and changes are all coming from that incredible creation of life… whomever controls that knowledge will control everything… the PTB and “everything” is going to focus the change and transformation of humanity from that POV.

    Is it any wonder the insectoids, reptilians, robotic greys are doing all the manipulations??? Seriously! The predictive programming has been working us with Jurassic Park and Alien Abductions, etc. The INK IS IN THE WELL, dude! Hell, the predictive programming was there for the Twin Towers, and “see the magick” of Bld 7 to know we’re fracked. ET? Dissociative psyops… the UFO is being used to harm us too.

    We’re in the Matrix of Predictive Programming, and the Brain Trusts of Information Control can do anything… Googling tracking and algorithms are the new Orwellian PTB control.

    Maybe the unconscious and our dreams can be more informative, but that will only happen if we take the interest and the time to do it and understand it.

    Too Bat Sheeit Crazy for you??? Reframing the UFOs…

    • VC says:

      Thanks Greg for fixing and recovering this.

      You ought to post your UFO conference talk that you gave and referred to in this podcast… either by text or audio. Would be interesting for us to listen to too. Maybe we can offer some comments or ideas about it too.

      Interesting show, btw, so I’m sure your presentation was great too. 😀

      • Greg says:

        I may be able to get the IUFOC to let me post it, but I will probably save it until I finish a larger project.

        Thank you for your kind words.

  2. VC says:

    Greg, you have said on other podcasts that you’ve seen UFO’s while on LSD. Not sure why you said you’ve never experienced a UFO before on this podcast?

  3. John Randall says:

    Hi Greg and MJ., Wanted to relay something that happened several decades back when I was 5 yrs. ( 1964 ) that might be an example the whole “Co-creation” thought experiment.t I’ve spoken about this on Paratopia and “The experience” in the past.
    Anyway, I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, which was upstairs. While climbing the stairs I was aware of a buzzing sound which got louder as I got the the bathroom. Didn’t see anything initially, but the buzzing ( or a kind of crackling noise), which I thought it might be the fluorescent light we had on the ceiling, though it never made that kind of noise before or since that I remembered. After finished my business, I turned to leave but something made me turn to which I saw this I can only describe as an amorphous blob or dark spot ( negative space ?) jumping back and forth between the window sill and the tank top of the toilet. As I focused on it it seemed to morphed into of all things: an elf ! Possibly MJ in this case, the moment I saw “ X” ( blob thing) my brain was scrambling trying make sense of what I was seeing , I came up with something I had read in a story book or TV program to make it more palatable to my 5 yr old brain? Possibly.
    This is when it gets goofier or creepier depending on your POV.
    Really enjoyed your discussion ( and all that Radio Misterioso provides Greg) Thanks .

  4. DJH says:


    I really like that you are beginning to flesh out your co-creation theory.

    Daniel Dennett of all people has begun to use Donald Hoffman’s UI metaphor as well. (But in an only indirectly related context.)

    You refer to the brain as the “reality generator.” I’m wondering if you are familiar with the concept of Predictive Processing? (Link at the bottom.)

    This is the evidence-backed theory that not only does the brain generator our perceived reality, it does so in a proactive, predictive manner. This has huge implications for CCH.

    The reality, Greg, is that it’s not just UFO events that are co-created; all of our individual, subjective realities are created 24-7. (However, this is not to imply that there isn’t a real, external reality out there. Just that our perceptual and conceptual access to it is limited.)

    Also, there is a recent study in Nature Neuroscience which revealed this gem:

    ‘“Maybe the dreaming brain and the waking brain are much more similar than one imagined because they partially recruit the same areas for the same type of experiences,” she added.’ (Link at the end.)

    One suggestions for your show, Greg, would be to have a neuroscientist on the show who specializes in perception. In your recent show with Jeff Ritzmann, he talked about seeing “paranormal” phenomena such as blobby lights out of the corner of his eye at 3 o’clock in the morning. Body and eye fatigue/stress is absolutely a great way to evoke odd visual artifacts. And if the brain/body is a predicative processor, then destabilizing the body/brain with lack of sleep, drugs, overwhelming stimuli, change, etc. will surely effect the predictions that the body/brain make.

    When we get the predictive body out of rhythm, the perceptual and conceptual output is going to be equally “out of rhythm.”

    I think getting a neuroscientist specializing in perception could go a long way. For example, seeing colorful geometric shapes on the horizon. and even during the beginning stages of a drug trip. The lower level of the perceptual brain begin with basic shapes and build the picture up from there. No wonder our brains occasionally mistakenly predicate (hallucinate) such shapes.

    I think you’re pulling it all together. Social, emotional, and biophysiological destabilization; the generative, predictive brain; information theory; the uniqueness of each individual; and the fantastic, high-strange UFO experience.



    • Greg says:

      Sorry, this comment got buried in comment hell on the site!

      Thanks for your insightful comments. Funny, I’m trying to get in touch with a neuroscientist who specializes in the visual system. Just have to keep it up until he answers, I guess.

      Thanks for the links!

  5. Ed Prowse says:

    This is coming way after the original show, but a fascinating topic that I need to catch up on. Greg, the idea that we create our own reality (singular and collective) is widely accepted. I learned it many years ago in my anthropology studies. My question is, how does multiple witness accounts fall into your model? Three friends and myself had a stunning, completely unexpected experience of a large, black rectangle moving right over us and straight towards Lake Erie. To only know what the nature of that was!

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