Jeff Ritzmann – Active Participation in the UFO Enigma

Ever since my conversation (with Jeremy Vaeni and Tyler Kokjohn) about the singular Project CORE, I knew that Jeff Ritzmann was someone that didn’t just complain about the state of research, but was actually taking active steps to delve into some of the more unhrealded and esoteric areas of UFO study. I was recently reminded about his new endeavour (Project Oculus) which attempts to document strange lights and other goings-on in his home.

We spoke about the aims of CORE (such as asking supposed abductees different questions than usual, for example “what was your life situation before and after your experience”) and the difficulty of describing your position on these subjects to most people once you get beyond a certain point in your studies. Jeff also discussed his concept of paranormal experiences occurring in “liminal” spaces and periods – Places and times that are transitions from one state to another. He believes the best way to stop unwanted encounters with strangeness is to make your life as routine and predictable as possible: The normal is anathema to the paranormal.

We also delved into Oculus and what he hopes to accomplish with the project. At the end of the program, Jeff described how to possibly create your own UFO sighting (or perhaps something similar) but warned that people should probably not try it.


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13 Responses to Jeff Ritzmann – Active Participation in the UFO Enigma

  1. Coppertop says:

    One of the most insightful (and possibly most useful) podcast on the subject I’ve ever heard. I dropped out of the whole study of the unknown for a while because everything sounded the same – this is new, and it makes sense. Keep up the good work, man!

  2. VC says:

    A true pioneer in trying to flesh-out more understanding about the varieties of these experiences, and what it all might point to for further study and more understanding.

    It would have been interesting to know what he thought about the FREE project too.

    I really think the keys are with Carl Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious combined with any kind of audio visual media (mainly movie/tv and internet) now replacing how much of that information is being transmitted and controlling us versus what our dreams once provided.

    We are all individually losing a tremendous amount of personal transformation and potential by not closely following and analyzing our nighttime dream life everyday and doing some form of meditation too. The internet is the new matrix of control and mind-fracking that has altered our brains into potential insanity. Save yourself if you can.

    • Hi VC –
      I sincerely thank you for your very kind words. As far as FREE, I am not a fan. I’ve read the questions on it’s stage I questionnaire, and if there’s any survey out there that is formulated to achieve a predetermined outcome, it’s this one. With questions like, “Can you describe what group of ETs have you observed?” and “Do you ever feel your mind is shared by an ET being?” (to quote only a couple of the absurd questions) it can hardly be considered of any academic worth. There are so many questions that it becomes a statistical hairball – when one gets into cross referencing and other statistical approaches.

      In addition, the founder of this group has shown me that he’s incredibly hostile to anyone who disagrees with him on any level – and instantly resorts to demeaning anyone he sees as critiquing his ‘work’.

      The whole thing is incredibly trickster-like – especially taking into consideration the number of PhD folks on the FREE team. If these people were to take this questionnaire and use it in a real scientific arena, they’d be laughed out of the room.

      The whole mess is just how these things seem to work. It’s not a unique thing. And thats just the point, to recognize that FREE is part of a pattern that has happened before in different guises.


  3. Scott, who writes on and on says:

    This… was inspirational, and a damned fine listen. Shows like this keep me wanting more of your work, Greg.

    The ending, where Jeff describes how to have an experience or open oneself up to having an experience – it sounds like you two were in agreement that this method should work and is very dangerous to one’s stability in life – can anyone else here chime in on that? I’m fascinated and creeped out at the same time, and so naturally I want to hear more!

    I have heard Mike Clelland’s interviews and I think his work and experiences fit in to this realm too, for example

    Thank you!

    • Greg says:

      Hey Scott,

      Jeff’s method sounds logical to me. The most important part of it, I think is the fact that it is an individual endeavor.

      I know at least one person who has tried this method (not knowing anything about Jeff’s ideas) and he reported that it worked and he did not like what happened. It was frightening and destabilizing. He had enough psychological fortitude to shut it down. Not everyone has.

      Mike is someone I highly respect for his honesty and non-dogmatic approach. We have been in commmunication for about 8 or 9 years now. I interviewed him twice on my show, he talked to me a couple of times on his podcast, and I consider him a friend.

      Glad you like the show!

  4. I did want to say thanks to all of Greg’s listeners for the very kind words and emails since the show aired. (I’m sorry I’m just getting around to this, but just stumbled across this message area.)

    In an often frustrating ‘field’ it’s so good to read encouraging words and feel like you’re actually accomplishing something – you all seriously inspire me.


  5. gheron93 says:

    My “experiences” certainly fit reasonably well into the model discussed here. They started during a very unstructured and traumatic time in my life and tailed off as my life became more structured. I concluded early on that the more I looked into them the more they noticed me and the more weirdness I experienced. If I just ignored them and got on with my day to day life then things tailed off. Basically I was just too busy and had more important things to deal with. Sadly some of the more positive and transformational aspects of my experiences have also tailed off over time. I still get the occasional voicemail from Oz but I’m too busy to call them back.

  6. Agarthan says:

    I spent the day gardening and listening to 3 episodes of the show I had in listening backlog. This episode, the most recent episode with MJ and a recent re-reading of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger percolated and boiled in my brain all day, culminating in my first “experience”, this very evening – not 15 minutes ago. No doubt Jeff’s not suggested method also may have helped.

    Anti-structurely I am in the middle of a two week holiday (in fact it is a Saturday of a 4 day weekend encased in a larger block of time off). Liminally I had just returned home from an evening out, I was transitioning back into the home, on the drive way – staring out at a wide expanse of sky. My girlfriend had just gone inside and I took this chance to just look out there with a completely open mind.

    I soaked in the sky for a few moments, then distinctly thought “Go on, show me something”. Pop. With the brightness of a shooting star (actually brighter and larger) an erratically pulsing light appeared in the middle of the clear sky and started meandering it’s way North. It moved in a wavy line – not dead straight like satellites I have seen before. I watched it for about a minute and took a few seconds of film.

    The most unusual thing was my girlfriend started to make her way outside after a couple of minutes, asking “What are you doing?”. I flippantly replied “Watching a UFO”. She stepped out towards me and I kept watching it. The light faded over a few seconds as she came to stand next to me. It disappeared just as she looked up.

    I wouldn’t of posted this if it it wasn’t for that last bit. That was too odd to ignore.

    • Greg says:

      Sorry this comment was in a folder that I don’t look at often. I don’t know how it got there!

      That’s a great account. I would like to see if this sort of stuff happens any more with people who are listening to the show.

      Was this your first sighting of something in the sky that was not readily explainable?

  7. Finally had a chance to listen up to this one. Very glad I did! Jeff’s insights are incredibly thought-provoking, and align in various ways with my own musings about this phenomena.

  8. Trevor says:

    I must agree with the assertion that we humans have some influence or input into how these experiences unfold. Thomas Bearden authored a paper I think is titled “The Excalibur Briefing” where he goes into some very granular detail on how the UFO phenomenon (and paranormal) manifest and some of the reasons why. One of those reasons is in line with what Jeff mentions, that in times of change (or great distress) there seems to be increased activity. I’ve experienced this on a personal level.

    This also brings to mind Jacques Vallee’s “Control System” idea. Perhaps this system, if that’s what it is, has a feedback loop that can be infiltrated.

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